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Featured Motorbike for women?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pompy, May 25, 2015.

  1. We had a thread about how MOTORBIKES are designed by men for men, I kind of liked the first few pages of it too.
    So I thought I'd asked the fairer ones, what would you change to make a motorbike more suitable/user friendly for women?

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  2. I think this is all bullocks. Make the seat lower, bring the bars back a bit, then the taller ladies will be complaining of being discriminated against. Whats between your legs only matters when you slide into the tank, and in that sense, all bike are built for women.
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  3. Good on you Pompy, not only are you seeking input from the ladies on here, but you may even stir up a bit of interest from the various manufacturers importers to pass on to their head office, and then this thread could also be considered by the manufacturers of riders safety gear as well as I'm sure PINK isn't the only color many of you like
  4. Seriously I am very happy with my Ninja just as it is :) As for the gear, I am with Duke at EeeDuke at Eee - I'm not a fan of the women's gear so I choose the guys, it's far more interesting
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  5. There are so many different styles of bike now that the real question is really, what kind of rider are you? I think where things fall short are in the accessories department, perhaps some stylish waterproof handbags by Prada would be useful? ;)
  6. Step through, handbag hook, storage under the seat, good looking italian design, centre stand, cvt, small fairing to keep shoes dry.
  7. Seat height and width would be first port of call

    Next would be distance to and width of bars. Possibly even adjustable by someone with the correct skills of course.

    Then smooth power delivery.
    If taller women feel discriminated against they can buy one of the myriad of other bikes on the market........
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  8. Don't forget width of the grips.
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  9. Hmm didn't even consider that. Good one
  10. Seat height is not a Gender issue, I can barely touch the ground on my tiptoes on most bikes bigger than 250 :rolleyes:
    I think that in this day and age with the amount of add ons and accessories, there is no reason at all why you cant "create your own" to a fair degree. I think personal choice is more important than the wedding tackle, or lack thereof :D
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  11. I was just going to say that there is nothing much I would change on the bikes themselves. I’d like to see some differing seat heights, especially in the higher cc’d lams bikes. We’re all different and I wouldn’t want to see a complete reversal whereby bigger riders were disadvantaged. Even some men have issues with seat heights. For instance, why can I sit comfortably on a non lams Diavel, but not a lams Monster 600 or 400? Doesn’t make sense.

    Riding gear is a different story. It sucks. It all sucks. Leaving colours aside, jackets are straight cut as are mens, and forget that women have chests. And I am small. I mean little little. It took me so long to find a size 36 jacket and being the only one I could find, I'm now black leather on black leather on a black bike because the only other choices contained pink. Some like pink, some don't. I don't.
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  12. Boo hoo. Stop being so sensitive. It's just a joke.
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  13. Don't stress Lala, I'm sure Basejumper had his tongue firmly planted in his cheek and was being funny.
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  14. Yeh I've always found it strange with riding gear. 10 years ago we were purchasing my sister in law a leather jacket for her 21st birthday and the only brand which had woman's jackets was alpinestars. We bought one in red back then.
    Dianese used to do woman's jackets in different colors too and then stopped.

    I wonder if the still do but just our importers don't bring them in due to cost.
    Surely Europe would have a massive demand.

    Now I'm thinking about it we bought a nice Frank Thomas leather jacket for my wife in England 10 or so years ago.
  15. Yeah for me it's probably the gear that's more an issue (I'm not tall though and whenever I start shopping for my second bike I reckon seat height will rule out a few bikes..)

    I wish they'd make jeans that fit properly - either they fit in the hips but gape massively around the waist, or you can't get a pair even 2 sizes bigger than your regular size, over your flipping legs.
    And also a larger range of footwear including goretex boots.
    And a larger range of helmets that come in smaller sizes.

    The list goes on :p
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  16. I've seen lots of women riding Vespas, especially in Europe. If this makes me insecure then please send me a donation to pay for my therapy.
  17. Can't believe that got deleted. What a bunch of up tight wankers. Hard to believe you ride at all
  18. It didn't and if you are only in this thread to stir the pot, don't bother.
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  19. No, that vibration comment. Up north we like to have a laugh. Should try it one day
  20. They should make more female orientated bikes. Chicks on bikes are hot.