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Motorbike etiquette

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kawasakiboy, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. I am really enjoying riding too and from work.
    Getting a head knod from other riders really makes my day! And it makes me feel like they are there to lend a helping hand if ever I need one on the road.
    So cheers to all! :D

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  2. excellent just remember don't nod to the scooter set we try not to encourage that sort of behaviour :p
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  3. For one awful moment I thought this was another nodding thread, but it's not, it's a knodding thread so that's ok.
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  4. A wheelie is just as good as a head nod to a fellow rider ;)
  5. fixed
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  6. Mate, some of the scantily clad ladies riding scooters in inner Sydney, you'd nod at if they were riding blooming Great Danes..... never mind scooters. ;-)
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  7. Mmmmmm scantly clad lady riding a great dane :confused: that must have been Ol' Mcdonalds farm the sequel !
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  8. Excellent. Just don't get all butthurt if some riders don't knod back or even nod back. And make sure you put you left glove on first......
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  9. I nod most riders, unless they are revving their throttle and riding like morons, then I do the ignore, carry on and get as far from them as possible. :D
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  10. Well u wont be nodding at me then.
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  11. I nod at cops. There, I've said it.
    They never nod back. Maybe they put the wrong glove on first. Or they're too busy trying to look cool to each other.
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  12. Haha I do too, even had one nod back although most don't.
    A) they're on bikes so what the hell, why not
    B ) I'm in marketing/sales. This is called pre-emptive strike. I am putting some positive 'energy' or whatever you want to call it in their system - they are highly unlikely to turn around and pull me over*.

    *Disclaimer - have not tried this marketing technique while drinking expensive coffee....
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  13. Will you get in trouble if your riding and you wave at a cop on a bike?
  14. Probably not, but a real price could potentially pull you over and tell you to keep both hands on the bars. Unlikely imo.
  15. I usually give a quick wave to police (motorbike or car) if I see them on the side of the road doing their job. It's only an inch or two off my left handlebar, so not waving like a goal umpire, and most times I get a nod or some kind of acknowledgment in return.
  16. In the country I give a wave to police as I go past them. It makes them wonder what I've been up to. ;)

    I have about a 50/50 hit rate with waves back. When you're in the sticks, I figure it's good to try and have good relations with as many as possible. If your bike brakes down, or you come off - there's a much higher chance that you may need to rely on the person you just overtook a few mins ago, etc than in the 'burbs to give you a hand...
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  17. I'm a (k)nodder, I nod at most riders (and the odd scooter accidently hehe). I'd say 70% return nod, HD don't usually but I've had a guy ride past, huge ape hangers, skull bandana, mean looking HD and gave me the biggest nod I've ever had, I almost fell off my bike!

    I've also nodded at our local bike cop and got the nod in return. He has a Drift camera as well and so I almost feel like I have someone on the "inside" in case I get pulled over with it on hehe.
  18. This is where intercoms are great for getting responses:

    First rider - nods. Reports action back to rider a few hundred meters behind. If there was no nod - 2nd rider knows that different strategy is required: The bird coming from the 2nd rider normally gets some looks and responses. ;)

    FWIW I haven't actually done this - but can imagine the WTF reaction of some of the riders. :)
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  19. Sooooo.... suppose I have this "friend" who puts his right glove on first. What should he expect might result from this inappropriate action?
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  20. He might put his left glove on second.

    Just sayin'.