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SA Motorbike dented

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by kalavo, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. Live in a block of units, motorbike has been parked in an unallocated park. The same dark green rav 4 has parked next to it for the past week.

    I now have a dark green dent on my bike and they have dents all along their drivers side door.

    Before I do something I regret, how best to handle this?
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    lots of photos if you haven't taken them already

    PS are you insured?
  3. Its a tough situation, but unless you have a friendly investigator who can collect evidence, arrange scientific analysis of paint samples etc, then you are probably on a hiding to nothing.

    The situation is purely circumstantial.
  4. I would confront them with the evidence and see what they say first, hard without any witnesses but you never know they might come clean.
  5. check for CCTV
  6. I have an M16 I buried out the back years ago. You could borrow it for a while as long as you promise to re-bury it.
  7. As Tas man said, hiding to nothing.
    Politely ask the question, but prepare to suck it up and move on.
    Ongoing feuds with neighbours never end well.
  8. You would be better of poking them with a sharp stick than using an M16
  9. glad thats all sorted then
    how did the sharp stick go btw ?
  10. Yeah, sticks keep working when they get a bit dirty.
  11. Oh they did it all right!

    Key their car and make sure you go nice n deep!
  12. A non-confrontational, but confident approch is your best bet here.

    Just knock on their door, and politely say something along the lines of "Hi, you've probably been looking for the owner of the bike you dented last night (or whenever). That's me". Then you can start talking compensation. If they deny it, just tell them it must have been them as they park next to you all the time, the the paint (which you will have photographed) is the same colour as their car.
  13. johnbl is right. You can bluff your way to compensation with confidence and charisma. Otherwise, I'd be taking 2ups advice. I can supply you with a suppressor for the right price.
  14. doesnt a 4wd have right of way in this situation

    yer thats my troll quota reached ).