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Motorbike Crash ( VID )

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by wang chung, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. Jeez... dont know what happened to that car, but the back wheel locked up first, or so it seems, possible mechanical failure of some sort...

    At least the first chick was telling him to just lay down and stay concious... that other woman on the right was just annoyingly un-nessesary...
  2. The brake lights go on as the car locked it's wheels. It looked for all the world like the driver was deliberately spinning rount to take out the rider. There was nothing happening in front that would warrant hard breaks or swerving. Even if there was, a U-turn would seem like an odd decision.
  3. Tyre could have blown.

    Bloody hell, lucky to have the camera with him as well, let's see them argue that one out.
  4. Yeah possible. Was just listening to the guys explaination. I can say for sure he's a moron. Other than that it's hard to tell.

    "I braked and I swerved and, cause I was going the opposite of her car and I swerved."

    I couldn't say for sure, but got the impression he intended to swerve, as if he wanted to travel in the other direction.

    :roll: Who knows. Bloody Yanks don't need logic, they just do stuff. :roll: :LOL:
  5. nice shot of the first girls cans.

    I'm sure you noticed that Loz.
  6. The guy sounded drunk. He could just been really shook up, I would be. Perhaps a little retarded. (him not me.)

    I reckon he stutters a little and says:

    "I braked and I swerved and, cause I was gonna, i was gonna, merge..."

    He looked like he accelerated to get ahead and go into a right lane, realised he got to0 close to the car in front and stabbed the brake too hard, locks a tyre or two, obviously has no idea how to drive, and thats all she wrote.

    What a great clip to show just how dangerous it can be. I bet she was glad in the long run to have had the camera on.

    I hope she recovered without serious injury.
  7. wowowowow NIIIIIIICE. Boobies! i wasn't expecting that one! :grin:

    as for the accident i *think* the guy wanted to merge in front realised he go too close to the car in front and slammed the brakes like people have already said. :shock: thats really incredibly shit driving if its true. :(

    edit: it was a girl rider too! :cry:
  8. This from the girl in the that had the accident:

    "The officer who took the report already watched it too...he chuckled and said - "yeah, good thing you have that because the guy is saying you hit him. He said he was stopped and all you had to do was stop - but you didn't, you hit him."
  9. Didn't someone say there was an accident up ahead or something that's why the car broke so quickly. Myabe i heard it wrong but i swear thay said that.

    However, there is no evidence to support this as the car in front of the car that hit the bike didn't brake at all...of at least their brake lights didn't come on.
  10. sweet find josh. your google fu is strong.
  11. F*cking idiot car driver just wasn't paying attention and was surprised when the car ahead of him slowed down. Then he 'emergency brakes' like most stupid drivers by jumping on the brakes. Result being nearly all wheels locked up and he lost control. What a moron! :evil:
    That vid was a great piece of evidence to use against him though. :LOL:
  12. On a second look, it looks like he sped up to merge (He admits on the video that he was trying to merge) and then realised he coudn't make it because their was a bike in the lane to the right.

    In trying to slow down so he didn't run into the back of the car in front of him he locked up his wheels and then the spin started.

    The driver of the car is an absolute moron!
  13. I thought the guy look and sounded drunk.What a lying farkwit trying to stooge it off as beeing her fault. That's unbelievable (no it's believable just disappointijng unfortunately).

    I would love to record a ride in the city for myself. I'm sure all of us would be amazed at all the "hazards" we avoid but don't even recollect. Although I'm pretty sure you'd recollect being collected....
  14. So you can see you are about to imitate superman, how do you prepare to land - smallish people try groovy barrel roll (if you leather can bend enough), what to do if you 100kg? Arms out and try and land on your guts? :) or try to stay upright and land on your feet and do one of those cartoon runs where your body is going too fast to run with and your steps are like 3 metres apart :)
  15. Looks almost the same as what happened to me :D only my right leg got collected and severed just above the ankle
  16. Ew, that hadda huit.

    Were they able to reattatch it?
  17. Got collected by what? How does you leg get severed just from crashing into some one like that?
  18. I've kept playing that over and over, wondering how she might have been able to get out of it? All I can come up with is to gauge the direction of the car's spn and swerve to the left. Maybe some of you with more experience can provide some input? :?: :)