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Motorbike Crash(3)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by grange, Aug 2, 2012.

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  2. 3:16 - Love It.
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  3. 3:39 - Wow, that guy was almost toast.

    4:18 - Driver's window was open, what do you think happened next?
  4. Some bad ones in there. That bloke doing donuts is pure awesome :)
  5. I hate to admit it but this video really shows how speeding in traffic really increases you chances of crashing and lane splitting makes it very hard for other cars to see you.

    Im no conservative rider, but alot of accidents could have been avoided....
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  6. 3:16 - WTH?! That guy is the moto-god!
  7. Some people's cornering ability needs work "" good vid
  8. 0'24" Typical failing to track the vanishing point cornering crash. Wasn't even that fast.

    Couldn't really stomach most of the rest - stupid on bike behaviour on the whole.
  9. You mean if you lane split at 4 times the speed of the surrounding traffic it's dangerous?

    No f*cking sh*t sherlock.
  10. hahaha :biker:
  11. 0:23: Kamikaze pedestrian takes out the rider. Wonder how this could have been avoided?
    0:32-0:36: notice how stable a bike can be without a rider on it.
    3:17-3:37: Magnificent :)
    4:16-4:23: What on earth was the driver thinking? She hears the rider honk, aborts the lane change, then speeds up, changes lanes and rams him anyway? Morons like her deserve to lose their licence for good.
  12. love the one where the guy tbones an ambulance, at least he gets help straight away
  13. What the hell is that pootang doing @ 4:16? She's got some nerve.
  14. Lmfao at 3:16
  15. lmao 1:35-1:48
  16. the world definitely has some stoopid people in it