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Motorbike courier scene in Sydney ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by JW, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Hi all you Martin Place tree-parkers and St Leonards bike path short-cutters ...... - hows the cycle courier game in Sydney these days ??? :grin:

    I did a couple of months with Allied a few years back and got porked around with $$, so went off to the 'Call for a year and had a ball. (Took 8 months to get the $1000 Allied owed me..)
    Its all been a while now (I'm in Darwin) and I miss it heaps. Hows the pay situation now ? I know its been getting worse for a while, ie. no increases. Red Hot going Bligh St to Parramatta !!?? Yeah, you'd be lucky ! haha

    Good times. Had a prang in Market St; Leb taxi driver cuts across 2 lanes to get a fare, but all he gets is a GS850 into his drivers door - door is U-shaped, so are the Leb's undies, but the GS doesn't get a mark and I'm back on in 10 minutes.
    Whats the Martin Place to Chatswood record these days ?
    Going to work at 7:00am with the rain pissing down knowing the forecast says "Max 15 degrees and rain until tomorrow.."
    Using the breakdown lane on the Expressway northbound at 4:30pm, coming around the bend and seeing two female Constables parked in the service bay doing speed camera - duck into lane 2 and hide the #plate behind a car as I go past with both of them screaming, knowing "no way will we get him.." .. pull into a carpark in Chatty and change reflective vest colors; camo the bike with the quick colour change contact plastic, pull the yellow plastic off the helmet...only loose 10 minutes and keep on going..
    Good stuff to remember but in the end the $$$ has to pay the bills, I guess. If you don't want the 9-5 slave job though, the courier game is hard to pass up and hard to forget !

    Stay safe all, how is it now ?? Put some pix up if you can. Special breed, you guys...

    Regards J
  2. This takes the prize for the most original and bizarre first post on Netrider this year :rofl:.
  3. Well, from what i've seen during the day . . . .

    - There is a dude on a GS500 who I think is a part time stunter. Does wheelies and stoppies when he knows a fellow biker is watching.
    - Another one on a street-fighterized CBR600RR complete with angry eyes and race number.
    - A guy on a Kawasaki GTR1400 ! Yes, I like to know what magical integar he uses to calculate his "fuel costs vs deliveries made" formula. :grin:
    - There is also a Aprilia Sportcity dude who I think rides a Mille on weekends. . . he leans the scoot around corners.
    - I met in the elevator one time a chic courier, she uses a Virago . . . not bad ! ;)
    - And there is a santa-claus like dude on a big-arse Harley comeplete with annoying pipes !

    so yeah, the courier scene in Syd is still full of characters !
  4. +1 (i think),im still not sure what he said :?
  5. You know what they say about people who escape to Darwin ! :eek:


    btw, welcome to the mad-house JW !
  6. if thats considered to be an escape,im quite happy to be held captive...

    ..yeah welcome bro.
  7. Welcome Aboard !!


  8. Left turn York St into George

    Hi guys. Hey, my first post looked ok ? Well there I was totally pissed Internetting at midnight on Thursday, and then had to look up IE

    History to see which websites I went to. (Sort of like being able to use a pocket GPS map trail to see how you got home when you don't remember


    Riding in the NT isn't like NSW / Sydney. For a start there are only 5 roads.. yep.. one big one from SA up to Darwin, two that branch off it to

    go to Kakadu National Crocodile Tourist Trap, one to Qld, and one to WA.

    Until the start of this year there were no speed limits, ie., 200 k on the GSXR750 past the coppers having lunch at the truck stop was cool. Now

    its max 130 k, due to to the road toll which had nothing to do with speed (ie zero high speed prangs in 2006-2007 ) but everthing to do with

    people getting really really pissed/stoned and driving into oncoming cars, trees, rivers, poles, pigs, buffalo, camels, horses, people asleep on

    the road, or each other while not wearing seat belts. Logical ? Politicians. Go figure. We even had professional fcukwit Harold ? Howard ?

    Scruby from Sydney up here whining about no speed limits. He complained about the heat too..

    Yeah, THE roads are good - nice surface, no moss or slideys, good corners; all paid for with Canberra $$. Cross the border into QLD and the road

    width shrinks 20% and the surface turns to shit !

    Yeak ok there's little roads around Darwin and Katherine etc too ....

    No bike couriers around DN. Reason - no one really needs to rush in this place. Also the traffic isn't traffic. You'd never split lanes in Darwin

    'cause there are never enough cars in two lanes to have anything to split. Cruise along - everyone has everthing they want and if it gets too

    hard then go fishing. No I'm not kidding.

    To make it even easier, the mining boom up here is big. Getting tradies is difficult and most employers are advertising down south to get people

    for big $. Housing here is getting expensive because of the number of mining people moving up. $280 / week gets you a 2 bedroom unit, but its

    only 15 minutes from anywhere because everything is 15 minutes from anywhere. That also means that getting out on a trailey in the bush is easy - the bush starts 20 minutes ride away and its full of tracks.

    ...Long way from sitting in fron of the bus in George St long enough to slow him down then jumping onto the footpath in front of 441 George in between two pedestrians and parking behind the pillar, then an Eliz and a Market St pickup in the next 12 minutes then Chatty on the expressway. In the rain. So what is the $$ like now ??

    Regards J