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Motorbike collusion Lapstone Hill [SYD]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MarvinTheMartian, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. RIP :cry:

  2. Indeed, though on a road with the sort of visibility offered there, it's puzzling how one motorcycle could not have seen another and run into it.....
  3. Two bikes hitting each other is just not right.

    RIP and hope the second rider pulls out ok
  4. It's a bit like dodgem cars coming down that hill. The limit is too low once you get past the top curve, and there is huge speed differentials created.
  5. I am Penrith born and bred, I know that stretch incredibly well. It's a real tragedy, cause it's a fine wide, well marked and surface part of the M4.

    RIP, Condolances to the family. Here's hoping the other guy come through OK.

    What a shitty Christmas for them all :(
  6. posted by 'Chrisp600' on 'oroadsports':

    "...2 bikes left the Great Western Highway at the last right hand kink at the bottom of the hill heading east before it turns into the M4.

    They went up the embankment & into the trees, took out trees & a street sign, there were pieces of bike, wheels, fuel tanks, forks, fairings, everywhere. It was horrible.
    The demolished back half of a CBR600 was in the gutter & half the other bike (couldn’t tell what it was) was nearly hidden still in the shrubs near the to of the embankment.
    Thankfully when I went past the riders were long gone as I doubt it would have been a pretty sight. The cops were already carrying out their crash investigation..."

    i hate the m4. travelled on it quite abit to get to tafe.