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Motorbike Blogs

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by c0rrupt, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Wow... feels weird posting on here after so long.


    Hoping some of you can suggest some good bike/racing/all sorts blogs out there that I can tune into?

    Being in Shanghai means I can't ride anymore, but doesn't mean I can't stay in the loop!

    All suggestions welcome!


  2. Well, I wouldn't say mine was good, but I hope it's interesting.
  3. Thanks RC - i'll check it out :)
  4. Nice to see you're still with us Toby. Love to Nat.

  5. Wot he (the third guy up that way ^) said. I collect my ride pics and muse on some things, in the signature below.

    And here is QuarterWit's, following all his SR400 work: http://www.srpornography.blogspot.com/
  6. Still lurking mate - whinging to anyone who will listen to my grivences about not being able to ride :) - maybe see you for a ride very end may!

    All the best!

    And thanks guys for the suggestions!
  7. c0rrupt,
    Mate, you're in Shanghai now ? I'm just down the road, Hong Kong. Know the feeling very well about not being able to ride often enough, being up here almost 8yrs !
    Do you pass through HK at all ? Don't have any flights to Shanghai (that I know of) coming up, but if you are around soon, please PM me - I haven't met you yet during a ride but HK would be something else... erm..hic..anusha drink, shaaaanks baaaaaaah man :)
  8. Hey Nickers - mate oddly I meant to contact you prior to me coming out here as I do remeber you saying you were there in some of your posts. I will def be heading down to HK soon, was down there recently for the rugby and plan on heading back every so often.

    Will drop you a pm with details soon.

    All the best!
  9. Nice !!!!
    Mate, look fwd to it ! I officially leave HK on 31st May (this year) after almost 8yrs here... so that sounds like a GREAT excuse to have a ..erm.. 'quiet night', as we call them up here !
    Cheers dude.
  10. I hope you wont be piloting back after your quiet night.
  11. ;) Mate, we have VERY strict rules "10hrs Bottle - to - throttle" in my Industry, so no drinking as such during the period.
    In fact, I need about 2 days to recover from a big night out nowadays (must be age creeping in..lol) so I find I'm definitely never in breach of the above.
    Have to be responsible to take you lot from point A to B, after all ;)
    Lilley, why don't you join us for a drink ? :)
  12. Quiet night coming up it is then!