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Motorbike bag (backpack)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bonkerrs, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Need ideas for a backpack. Mine is giving me the shits when taking off and putting back on... getting it through the sleeve end, elbow armour then shoulder armour.

    Anyone know of a good quick release style backpack?

    I've looked at Chrome, Crumpler and Timbuk2 but still looking.
  2. Ogio zero drag I can recommend. Not a quick release per say but big clips with lots of adjustment for bulky jackets and gloved hands.
    Stays the same shape and doesn't move when riding. But it is big enough to get very heavy when full of heavy things.
  3. I hate wearing a backpack, instead when I need to carry stuff around I use a quick release seat bag that attaches to my pillion seat- kinda like this one



    They hold a surprising amount of gear, and free you up to ride without the load hanging off your shoulders.
  4. I have a UDG backpack, which is neither here nor there, but on long trips I use a tank bag mounted to the rear, as above.

    Much better than having a big bag in front of you, only downside is, getting on & off the bike is an exact art. Helps if you can do the Rossi.
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  5. do you use a kriega packback? just wondering if it is easy on and off with a bike jacket.
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  6. I personally use a Kriega tailpack (US-20+10) because I find it more comfortable while riding, when I get off thr bike I just attach the shoulder strap and use it like a normal bag, it works perfectly.

    I have heard fantastic things about their backpack range, if the quality of the tailpack is anything to go by then I'm sure the backpack would be fine.

    (I have never had an issue getting any backpack on & off while wearing a bike jacket though.. not sure what you mean by this)
  7. +1 I did a review on the Ogio No Drag albeit pretty crappy reading back on it :p

    It's has basically no wear and tear that I can see now.

    I only use it on occasion now because I use a tank bag now and I didn't realise how restrictive backpacks were while riding. It doesn't mention on the official website that it is waterproof but I never got one item inside wet even in heavy rainfall - not sure what tests they were using or why it wasn't included as one of the specs but it worked out great for me.

    I've also used the Joe Rocket blaster pack which was just too big, and uncomfortable to ride with (imo).

    My younger brother used the Ogio for school once and he failed to mention it had a sandwich in it, and it took a while to get the smell out ;)
  8. I have a US-20 also. The quality is very good. It has been in the rain many times and my stuffs inside has always stay dry. Much better than having a backpack. Just be aware that their tailpack is waterproof and backpack is water resistance.
  9. i have the kriega backpack 15.
    push a button and it releases.
    kriega make the best motorbike back packs in the world.
    they are also the fastest.
  10. i have this dianese backpack that i borrowed off my dad when he stopped riding.

    Its a spine protector that has a zip on backpack. its pretty boss.

    No idea what its called or when it was made but its really good. Better then that ventura tail pack posted earlier, i ahve one of them its not that great the bag does not clip very tightly to the seat.
  11. Does that one become a Backpack once you take it off ?
  12. Love my Kreiga R25. Don't know its on when I'm wearing it. No probs getting it on and off.
  13. Whatever you decide on, don't go to Kmart and buy the cheapest shittiest bag you can find. Bad idea.

    I also share your issues with getting mine off and on with armour. Perhaps if you have any kind of sewing skills, buy your proffered style of bag, and then attach your own quick release system? i.e buckles etc. Just a thought before you fork out for an expensive bag
  14. Yeah Jimmy. I've ordered (from eBay) a couple of quick release side buckles to sew onto my backpack. I'll try that first but now that I've started looking, I'm pretty keen on the idea of a cool new bag.

    Check out these awesome bags with full on car seat belt buckles!
  15. I adapted an ordinary backpack by lengthening the shoulder straps .Velcro strips hold the straps together . When riding ,the straps are adjusted so the backpack sits on the seat and does not weigh on my back and shoulders.Cost $5 for the bag from Vinnies and $3 for the Velcro. Works fine (for me )
  16. When i need to use a backpack.. i just use my quicksilver one.. has a strap across the chest.. so it sits tight.. and the straps are just normal.. it kinda sits on the seat.
    It fits over my leather jacket which has the Armour obviously without any issues..

    I don't have a top box or anything like that, haven't needed one really.

    I have saddle bags that i can put on if i need to for heavier stuff.. or for a few things i have one of those bags from aussie disposals that goes over one shoulder.

    What kind of stuff are you carrying, is it heavy? would a top box or saddle bags be more better for you rather than a backpack if its so awkward?