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VIC motorbike and car license

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by BiG DaN91, Jun 12, 2011.

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  1. ok guys i was wondering about the laws for getting a car license after already having a bike.

    im on my red P's on my bike, got about 9 months to go
    L's on car with only like 20 hours

    do i still need to get 120 hours even though i have my bike license and have plenty of road experience? i would have done over 500 hours on my bike. im 19 and been riding for ~18 months.

    if i do end up getting the 120 hours what will be the go with P plates? ill be on greens on bike but red on car? seems a bit funny to me.. would i be better waiting till im 21 or off green bike P's before i get my car license so i only have to go through P's once and can then just have full car?

    hope all thats clear lol

    any info, links or past experiences would be appreciated
  2. All the applicable rules in terms of learning etc apply to a car license despite you owning a bike license.
    There may be a small section in the learners handbook you may not have to sit in the test but as far as I know the rest is the same.
    If you want links then the vicroads website is what you need for proper information.
  3. why would they make me do 120 supervised hours when im on the road by myself anyway on a bike?
  4. How do they know you have the experience? Just because you have a bike license does not mean that you are using it (same with car Ls, many used to have for 12 months and barely drive)

    Not saying you aren't, but you asked why they would make you log 120 in the car

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  5. Because the law says so.
    No different when I went for my l's on my bike even though I had a full car license.
    Driving a car is not riding a bike.
    Roadcraft is one thing, acclimatising to a vehicle is another, totally different skillsets.
    Anyways no point arguing, the law says this is what must be done so just do it.
    As I also said before ASK VICROADS
  6. yeah i understand what your saying but they should just let me log 120 on my bike then lol

    does anyone know if you get seperate licenses for car and bike or they both go on the same card? i thought they are both on the same one, but if i have p1 for car and p2 for bike how will it work?
  7. i presumed the 120 hours to be road experience not acclimatising to a vehicle. the actual test is for how well you can control the vehicle, i know plenty of people who fail it even with 120 hours.

    im not trying to argue, im just annoyed i missed out by like 4 months from the old laws when i could have just got my license when i was 18, now it looks like ill just wait till 21. oh well riding is more fun anyway
  8. Why don't you just do the 120hrs like everyone else?

    The whole idea is to learn how to drive a car, not put it off to get through a loophole.

    Or are you a good driver who does not need the experience?

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  9. id say im a better rider than nearly all my friends are drivers (who have all done 120 hours). a bit of practice parallel parking etc and maybe a few lessons with an instructor and i think i could pass the test easy enough. i just dont have time to do 120 hours and my parents arent that good drivers anyway..
  10. dumb statement of the decade.. can OP please engage brain before opeing mouth or placing fingers on a fucking keyboard
  11. riding is totally different to driving! my mate is a great rider but can't drive for shit.

    the 120 hours are there for a reason - you're in a cage, have a lot less of the lane to play with than a bike, different head checks, different placing of mirrors, etc.

    do we REALLY need to explain it? just use your brain, man.

    just f*ucking HTFU and do the 120 hours.

    you DO have time to do 120 hours - you can have your L's for as long as you want, and if they are expiring soon, you can renew them! wooot!

    (did your parents do 120 hours of learning) just saying...
  12. Young Fellas...Always in a rush.

  13. AND??????
    You still have to follow the rules, what you want is irrelevant.
  14. no they didnt get 120 hours.. i only missed out by 4 months of this stupid new rule that you have to write down everything you do.
    you seem to think i dont want to know how to drive properly, but thats not what im saying.

    i was just asking if theres any considerations to those who have a bike already.. my dad didnt get his car license till he was 40 and all he had to do was sit the test. do you think he should have done 120 hours???
  15. exactly. they didn't do 120 hours and they're shit drivers.

    and you don't know how to drive properly, not for a good couple of years - we're always learning, so don't get high and mighty on us.

    you're on your LEARNERS for a reason. yes, 120 hours is SOOOOOOO many hours. but when you take it as 5 hours a week, it's only 24 weeks, which is less than 6 months. or 10 hours a week is 12 weeks - done and dusted in no time!

    just stop f*ucking complaining and go out driving already!
  16. wow your really helpful arent you?

    why dont i just do 20 hours a day and then i can do it in 6 days?!?? if i had the time and resources to do so, i would. you talk about getting the hours over and done with quickly yet you say i dont know how to drive properly till after a couple of years??

    anyway im not asking for your ****ing opinion on the matter, im asking if anyone knows how P plates work with 2 different licenses. if they share the same license it might mean im on bike red p's for longer which means i cant upgrade.. or will it mean im only on car p1 till im on bike p2... or are they totally separate.
  17. they're on the one licence, but they're separate in terms of - if you're on l's in a car and p's on a bike, then you have to display the separate plates for each licence.

    it won't make your bike licence p's any longer than what it already is.

    it's on the same licence, but shows which licences you hold for each vehicle
  18. so will it be red or green on the top then?
  19. does it matter?

  20. What is in the past is irrelevant.
    We also said ASK VIC ROADS

    You're really thick aren't you?
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