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Motorbike accident - My sons guilty

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 99sydrd, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Accident 1/ My son while driving recently side swipes a motorbike rider by changing lanes on canterbury rd, causing the rider to hit the gutter and crash.The rider has minor injuries thank god but the bikes a write off.I said to my bloke what are doing? and he said he answered his mobile and then swerved left to stop and talk.FFS.I gave him a swift kick in the arse for that.To top it of my young bloke has 3rd party insurance with an excess of $2500 to make a claim.Guess who's going to have to pay this + the neg driving fine :mad:

    Accident 2 /Mate at works son crashed his bike on a major road recently and writes his bike off. His in hospital with broken ribs , spleen and broken lung & liver. Single vehicle accident, cause unknown.Riding normal one minute, down the next :?: . :(

    Accident 3 / I'm driving south while at work not long ago and came across a motorbike acco where i later read in the tele the rider did'nt make it. landcruiser,truck and motorbike don't mix.

    Accident 4 /Recently while at work at parramatta a bloke is riding down victoria rd, the rider is travelling on the inside lane and then a bloody lady decides to make a right hand turn straight into him.Bang ,straight over the car he goes and then rushed off to hospital.He should be right.

    My wifes best friend works at westmead emergency and she commented to us that there is a definite increase with incoming motorbike accident patients.

    After thinking about these accidents and seeing it and knowing people who are personally involved,i wonder if this is a message or its time to hang up the boots, get out while the goings good.There has to be a bloody solution to this mess.Too many people are crashing ,at fault or not.

    Anyway, fcuk all the doom i'm off too katoomba for a cool evening spin, full noise .You never know when your numbers up so i'll make the best of it while i can :LOL:

    I sincerely wish everybody here a safe ride.
  2. Clusters like that are bound to unsettle you, and riding in the city, especially Sydney, is like playing Russian Roulette with five chambers loaded at the best of times. But that shouldn't deter you; I'd bet that in every case, with a little thought (or lots as in your son's case) these 'accidents' could have been avoided, or least the risk/damage minimised.
  3. I've had some freaky lucky this week, a few times a day I've been in situations where I've changed lanes quickly at the exact same time as someone was merging into me, etc.. Not talking about the normal prediction, just been very lucky.

    Riding in sydney traffic every day is.. an experience but I've found its best to always leave it to the last minute to go so that its always 'game on' - I find if I commute in a 'cruising' fashion I just don't pay as much attention as when I'm trying to get there in good time.
  4. To be fair though guys, everyone has those "moments" when your concentration lapses. I think that alot of accidents occur when this happens, although I have seen/driven with, a fair few people who I can't believe actually have a drivers license...
  5. ...and i would like to sincerely wish everyone a safe ride to.
    i like your attitude '99sydrd'.jump on and go for a blast :cool:
    i can honestly say that in 15 years of riding i have never been put in a situation by a driver which i thought was going to end up seriously nasty.i guess im lucky.but i really dont know what to make of things when i read stories about unfortunate riders.it never makes me think twice about riding and im sure it doesnt effect my riding attitude or the way i approach situations.all i know is i feel more alive when im riding and i like to live.
    infact its a calm night and the roads are quiet....im gonna go for a blast too :biker:
  6. thats why trackdays were invented
  7. Ahhhhh Sydney... why is it so expensive to live here, again?
  8. we pay to live in the hospital :)
  9. dont have these problems where i live :grin:
  10. please stay the fcuk away from me :shock: :LOL:

    on a serious not though, i think you will find better media coverage/more people riding will always lead to more offs...just my take on the whole thing. people always have crashed and people always will :(
  11. Same here.
  12. Really???
    Make the little shit pay for it. Its his mess.

    When I first got my car licence back in the day, I had a very minor fender bender. Damage to other car was nothing more than replaced rear bumper. Total of a couple of grand. I didnt have a cent to my name. Dad point blank refused to pay it. I had to make an arrangement to pay bit by bit as i could afford it (cant remember exact terms of arrangement). I'm glad my old man was tough on me and made me take responsibility.

    And secondly....your 35 and you have a kid who is driving :) woaha woaha! you started young man :) :p
  13. I love the stark contrast of traffic conditions from riding in Canberra, travelling north up the freeway, hitting Sydney CBD, leaving Sydney on the Pacific Highway for the F3 and then arriving in Newcastle/Maitland.

    I don't feel unsafe in Sydney but it definitely feels like a bit more of a frenzy
  14. I've just returned to serious biking (when I say just, I mean Tuesday) after a 7 year + lay-off.

    Honestly, there seem to be the same percentage of idiots now as there was all that time ago. The only thing that changes with time is your experience, which hopefully allows you to anticipate the numbskulls before they hit you.

    Hopefully I remember all of this experience before they track me down :roll:

    .........and hey, if you're in Maitland, let me know. That's me, that is.
  15. Well, I'm in Thornton if you're looking for a ride. Going to Wollombi with some fellow riders from work on Friday 9/5 if you want to tag along.

    But I only ride a cruiser....... :)
  16. I ride from parramatta to the city every day for work, and i rarely have any problems, i have become so much better at avoiding problems now than i used to be, it was almost like i was a magnet for them, but i feel my skills have improved so much in the last 6 or 7 years that i can avoid most situations on the road without any stress, the key is position and awareness. Always be looking at what everyone else around you is doing, and constantly go through scenarios in your head, like what if that lady in the car hasnt seen me and pulls out, will i be able to stop in time?? As for all the accidents, there are many more riders on the road now, logic says there will be many more accidents too.
  17. I must post some video of a normal days ride to work in Jakarta some time.

    Red lights? lanes? keep left? what's all that about then?
  18. If you've got any sence you'll make your son pay it. You won't do him any favours by teaching him that every time he makes an expensive mistake, Daddy will fix everything.

    If he's old enough and mature enough to operate a motor vehical then he's old enough to pay his fines. It might be bloody hard on him to go without his car for a while and work to pay off the debt but at least you'll know he'll be more careful next time.

    Before anyone accuses me of being a hard arse bastard for expecting people to take responsibility for their actions, I have considered the idea that the crash may have spooked him already. I stand by my veiw however, that young blokes rarely stay spooked for long. They do on the other hand, remember inconvenience and financial burdon for a long time. :)
  19. Sure you do! My father in law lost his leg on teh Mad Mile when someone changed lanes and clipped teh rear of his bike.
    There was also a fatality on Princes Hwy and Larry's Mountain Rd a weekend or two ago, my father in law had to drive right past the crime scene to get home...brought back all sorts of bad memories for him. :cry:

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. If you want to teach your son a lesson, you will make him pay. Make him get a loan to pay it. The fines are supposed to be a punishment. You pay his fines, and what did he learn? That his actions have no consequences.......
    Nothing like paying a loan off for four years to teach you how stupid you were.

    Regards, Andrew.