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Motorbike accident caught on cam

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by The Rocketeer, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. #1 The Rocketeer, Apr 13, 2007
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    its bike related but didn't know where 2 put it... just wondering if you would (or could) do anything different to avoid it?

  2. From a relatively noob point of view, I dont think there was anything the rider could do to avoid the collision. The only thing I keep thinking was that if they were more in the middle of the lane, would they possibly have been able to go left instead of right and maybe gone around the car, but i dont think so.

    My wife saw me watching the clip and said "see, thats going to happen to you". However, even in a car, there would have been decent accident.
  3. Multimedia would be the place to put this.

    As regards avoiding it, hard to know unless you were there, but it's clear that the traffic on the left is slowing, the traffic on the right is slowing, so it's wise to anticipate either a car moving into your lane or rear ending another vehicle and vary your speed accordingly.
  4. You are about a year too late.

    Seeing that this is multimedia, do you reckon that the multimedia forum would be a good place for it?
  5. this clip pops up every now an then but multimedia would probably be the forum for it. but dun quote me on dat.
  6. Old video.

    That did not look like maximum braking from the motorcycle.

    Even still, the actual impact was at a very low speed.

    Clearly the idiot car drive yanked on the handbrake...
  7. But why would he do that? I know thats what it looks like, but it is possible for the rear tyres lock up without using the hand brake.
  8. Sure is!

    You never did any hand brakies when you were a young fella on ya P's? :LOL:

    Yank on the hand brakes & turn ya steering wheel at same time and watch
    the world spin round. :cool:
  9. Yeh sure I did, but not on a highway going straight with other cars around.

    Edit: Is it possible that guy was just an american?
  10. In America anything & everything can & does happen. :grin:
  11. This clip is in the right forum for two reasons

    1) Its a bike vid

    2) There is booby cleavage shots :shock: :LOL:

    Cheers :cool:
  12. ...oh, there's that vid again!

    My take - the moron driver wasn't paying attention and all of a sudden notices that he's bearing down on the white car infront of him that slows down for traffic. My guess is that he was on the mobile - he is later... and simply over reacts to avoid a collision... his driving skills obviously suck.

    As to the rider, she's some recognised instructor or stunt rider or some such. Speculation is rife as whether the incident could have been avoided... but that is academic as this one went down the way it did.

    Apparently it went through to court case cause moron driver claimed he was struck while changing lanes.... d'oh... the video evidence is hard to argue against!... IIRC the outcome of the court case wasn't very good for him!
  13. One LUCKY dude

    Alot of us bin there before , quite possibly one time too many too :wink:

    Me , i would have been , wow nice lookin tits lady , and look at that 2 , another with a mini skirt , see upum there too , Eh! what bike? errrr car? :grin:
  14. Re: One LUCKY dude

    Isn't once one time too many for that :shock:
  15. eH!

    [/quote] Isn't once one time too many for that [/quote]

    If your ona about wat i ona about [punching vehikles] , all i could react with would be ---- Says one that rides a motorcycle----
  16. i think i member seeing this on v..

    what i thought happend was the son in the car yanked the hand break on..

    im fairly sure thats what i herd happen on tv..
  17. Yeah it looks like the car did a hand brake turn. The rear wheels were smoking. Sucks to be the rider
  18. Hadnt seen this before!

    as said not much he could do!