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Motorama - Italy.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by mattxr, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    Just though I would post up some information about http://www.motorama.it/en/ for any of you guys looking to buy some gear online.

    Due to the good value of the euro at the moment and the fact that we get charged out the arse for gear i started looking else wear for it. And stumbled across motorama, the lack of reviews concerned me but due to the availability of pay pal as a payment option i thought i would take the plunge.

    Decided I would buy a Dainese Racing Leather Jacket, so went and sized myself up at a local shop in Melbourne city where the jacket retails for $699.95

    Placed my order with motorama, $248 euro + $71.80 euro for postage. Yes the postage does look expensive but once the conversion is done the final cost landed here in AUS was $420.17.

    That saved me about $280!!!!!!

    All be it that wait for it to turn up was a little painful, especially when the tracking of the package had it in Australia for over a week before i got it!!!.

    Ordered 17/1, it was posted 22/1 and received I it today 31/1 overall quite quick considering where it was coming from.

    I must admit the colour i wanted they didn't have, which took them until the 21st to let me know and to offer what they had in stock in my size.

    I'm really bloody happy and will purchase from their again, and hope to do so for my boots and pants over the next few weeks.

    Hope that helps a few of you guys save some money.

  2. Just placed my second order from Motorama.

    Ordered: 13/5
    Received: 21/5

    Sidi Vortice boots - AUS price A$699
    Dainese Delta Pro Evo pants - Not even in AUS yet, model it replaced were A$650

    Cost me $860 delivered to my door from Italy.
  3. I took the plunge and ordered on 7/5. Took them til the 24th to ship it due to the size/colour I wanted not being available.

    It arrived in the country on the 27th but just found out now it's been held by customs!

    Sent through the receipt to prove it was less than $1000.... Sadly, it doesn't look like I'll get it til next week!