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motor wont start-flooded plug?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by DillanDog, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, need help.
    I got a two stroke Aprilia 125. Warmed it up, started to ride then after about 50m it died. I switched to reserve fuel, cos it seemed like the reason, although i should have had another 40-odd Ks before reserve. It wouldnt start. Still a novice, so not sure how to prime the carby after running out of petrol, even after running with fuel tap on OFF a few times. I think I flooded the sparkplug, cos I gave it full throttle as I was trying to start it. Filled up with petrol but no help. The motor started a few times but then it just dies after reaching only about 7000RPM.
    What should I do? How to start the bike after running out of petrol, ie. forgotten to turn fuel tap from OFF?

  2. Mate generally the best rule is ! .If you think its flooded hold Throttle full open and turn over until it starts keep that way until it clears itself . Failing That pull the plug and clean it

    cheers Bob
  3. wouldn't holding the throttle open induce more fuel to leak all over the carby/plugs?
    I thought that was my initial mistake?
  4. No, the throttle controls the amount of air entering the engine.
  5. Ok, thanks, I acctually knew that but let others tell me their poor guesses. Thats why there's a choke after all.
    The new plug got me home fine, but last nite I went for a ride and the bike wouldnt go past 8000RPM after 10 min of riding. First in 3rd and 4th gears, then in all lower ones too. I just went home and left it since it was late.
    Bought a new and proper spark plug (NGK BR10EIX), cos the guy in the Cars Plus store yesterday, had given me a similar plug but it could've been a 8 grade. So today I learned that its for a restricted version of the bike (at least thats what we all agreed cos no one could tell me for sure what a "Free Power model" meant). I bought the proper NGK plug and will test it tomorrow.

    Somehow I feel its not related to my original/last nights porblem of stalling. The whole thing doesnt add up...
  6. ps. also been told to forget cleaning up the plugs, and get a new one each time. The manual says one thing the merchant another....
  7. If its not ur spark plug, check ur powervalves and their adjustment. On my Rgv they were out by miles thus wouldn;t allow revs over 6500rpm. They might be all gummed up with unburnt oil.
  8. Well, it its the spark plug. I pulled out the one i put in on sunday and the bottom part below the threads ie. the electode, is completely burned off. I could not believe it. Not sure when did it happen, cos I got the bike home. Must have overheated and slowly melted the whole plug while the bike was turned off.
    What should i do?
    Can I blame the guy who sold me the plug at CarsPLus or what? I have no idea if i have to open up the engine and clean it up? Should i get any other work done to it while Im at it? What's the cleaning work bloody gonna cost me?
    Last question, is this "bad" biginner's luck or what?