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Motor with marbles

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Tomcatalex, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. my motor sounds like its got marbles rolling around in it, what could that be, its been there since i bought the bike second hand.
    Ive changed the oil to a thicker 20w50 to make it a bit more quiet but its still noticeable, dont know how the across is sposed to sound, is this normal, the bikes only 30,000 k's old

  2. could be any number of thing. does it vary with revs? under load? Hot vs cold?

    Suzuki engines do tend to be noisy.

    It could also be a cactus cam chain tension but I would need more description to be sure.
  3. i notice it more when its cold and at idle

    when i ride it i dont hear it much untill i slow down and come to stop
  4. yeah at a guess I'd say cam chain tensioner or the cam chain itself (unlikely if the 30Mm is genuine). other problems tend to rise and fall with revs.

    but without hearing for myself . . . . .
  5. I also thought cam chain/tensioner. How old is your across, are you sure the km's are genuine?
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    the next best thing is to hear it on youtube, the bike is an r1 not mine, but just after it starts you hear that noise, like mine

  7. That sounds a bit like some sort of resonance. Annoying but not fatal.
  8. Does that mean something is loose in the motor???

    Its like in the video, when at idle, when slowing to an almost stop and when just starting to move, after its in its rev range its fine.

    Can it be fixed? I hope its not fatal, Im worried when im at over 100kph and thinking something might snap or lock up, but cant hear it at that speed
  9. someone else might get more out of that than me, but it's just the noise your bike mikes.

    It might go away with a change of air filter and/or a tune up, but that would only be chance.

    I could still be the cam chain, but it doesn't sound like it to me.