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Motor scooters a menace on roads (from Nine MSN)

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Woodsy, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=172813

  2. Would there be any point in running a counter-survey to find out how many motorcyclists have seen car drivers break the law or take unnecessary risk?
  3. i bet the grand total of the drivers they interviewed was made up of about 3 guys at the pub.. 2 didn't care and one just agreed "ahhh yep scooters, oh yeah a real menace... for sure... can I have that beer now?"

    ohhh the menace of scooters!! ohhh they're all HOOLIGANS i tellsyou, won't somebody please think of the children!! DEAR GOD LOOKOUT ITS A VESPA AND ITS COMING RIGHT AT US (in another lane going the other direction)"
  4. Even the marketing for scooters instantly makes them a bit of a menace.

    a) you don't need to know how to ride. anyone can jump on a scooter.

    b) you look cool on a scooter in your tshirt and flip flops scooting from one cafe latte to the next.
  5. i know more dangerous car drivers than dangerous bike riders
  6. I think there's a new wave of soccer mums that are deciding to jump on scooters, who unfortunately are as oblivious to their surroundings on a scooter as they are in the family truckster.
  7. Ahhh yes, more brilliant non partial reporting in the mainstream media.

    Way to go.

    :roll: :roll:
  9. yeah I agree with that statement.

    i do think scooters are more dangerous than bikes. why? worse breaks, smaller wheels, less acceleration, and any clown can ride one without any education on hazards to look out for.

    but the article which is supposed to be about scooters is instead lumping all 2 wheeled riders together!
  10. That MSN article came from an AAMI press release.

    Please read the full thing here for background (PDF document):
    AAMI Press release: Motorcycle, scooter riders risk life and limb: study

    And as quoted before:
    Of course customers would tell their insurer that! :eyeroll:

    At the end, there's a few tips on 'sharing the road' with motorcyclists.

    So sounds like it was meant to be a public service announcement-type article and ends up being a 'two-wheels are evil' article.
  11. I agree with Edgelett, and there is even more of an issue with Scooterists not wearing any protective gear whatsoever. I am amazed at the "Yuppy types" I see riding them wearing their work suit/dress/slacks.
  12. Yeah scooters are a real menace, they might make a nasty scratch in the bullbar of someones 4wd.
  13. Wasn't there another quote from an insurer stating that 90% of the time, in accidents involving a bike and a car, it's the car driver's fault?
  14. Jeez that means that 19% of drivers are asleep at the wheel :shock:

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. scoot (skūt) pronunciation

    v., scoot·ed, scoot·ing, scoots.


    To go suddenly and speedily; hurry.


    To move swiftly

    a scooter that doesn't move swiftly deserve to be called a snail :grin:
  16. :lastweek: :cheeky:
  17. It's the Asian Invasion of Honda Dreams! Oh NOES!!!

    [​IMG] :LOL:
  18. Does anyone else think this report is a piece of shit? They start off by saying the scooters are the new menace, then go on to bash motorcyclists, and how dangerous they are :?

    The only real mention of scooters is when they say that 1/3 of drivers think they are the new menace (twice)

    They don't really have any substance to this since they seem to say everything at least twice (like some kid trying to make his essay longer, without having anything more to say)
  19. Actually they are Honda Cubs, not Dreams. By the way, last year Honda sold the 50,000,000th Cub........amazing.
  20. pity the truck driver in this picture, he must be terrified with all that menace around him...