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Motor One Bike Store in Oakleigh Vic

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Sweeris, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Hi, I am new here and I have just recently got my L's for motorbikes and now im looking at a bike. I've been looking around at some dealers but none of them really caught my eyes. I went to the shops in Melb CBD next to Melb Central and I wasnt very impressed with their advice. So I left and started searching on the net. Then I found Sumoto and dropped in to their store to take a look. I had quite an odd feeling as soon as I walked in to their door. I was just walking around for about 10-15min before someone really noticed me and there wasnt any1 else in the shop. So I was quite reluctant about their service and how they kinda ignored me. So I didnt think Ill go with them (and after browsing through the internet confirmed my feelings I had back at Sumoto). I probably wont go back there. The last place I will be looking at seemed to be the best one as the people that works there is a friend of a friend of mine so I think it should be ok there. I will be droping in to the shop tomorrow. The shop is called motor one in Oakleigh Vic. So I guess Im asking if any1 has been to them and what did you think about their service?

    I tried searching for comments of the customers of the shop and didnt seem to find any good or bad comments on it. Unlike Sumoto where I get heaps of hits saying their service is not up to scrach (and for some reason I agree).

    Can any1 give me some advice on buying a second hand bike? And I feel abit more confident if I buy from a dealer rather than going fishing for second hand bikes and look for mechanics.

    Any Comments on the motor one shop in oakleigh vic.
  2. Your going to generally pay more at dealerships than at a private sale.

    Private sales are still safe. Make sure you get one with a Road Worthy Cert so it has been recently been looked over by a mechanic and passed.
  3. Welcome aboard.

    What sort of bike are you after? Many here on NR could help if you can give some more info.
    You will pay more from a dealer and that may be the difference between just a bike and a bike and gear privately. Think about it.
    I guess you'll be after a 2fiddy. You'll only have it 12 months or so most likely so can you pick a private bike that could last you that log? Most people could if you take your time. Even take a friend for a second oppinion. You will always find someone willing to bag a dealer so a question like yours may not give a true answer. You should go with your gut and if you get bad servce go elsewhere.

    Dont forget to put something in your profile. Unless you are a Motor One Troll.

  4. check out the for sale forums there are a few 250 s there and welcome
  5. To the best of my knowledge, Moto One don't sell much in the way of 250s, as they are BMW and Ducati dealers and neither of these brands make that size bike.
    Haven't been in there lately, but I've never seen a 250 on the floor.
  6. Im after a CBR250R. I've seen a couple around as private sellers and most of them seem pretty good. Since it's going to be my first bike I was also looking at who can say that the bike I am going to buy is worth buying.

    If I was also looking at someone to take a look at the bike im buying I am wondering how much it would cost me coz I know very little people who knows about bikes and they're not entirely sure on what to look for as well.
  7. Moto one were very good to me and a lot of friends of mine.

    Then they shafted two other friends of mine.

    It's a dealer. If you like the bike, buy it. Personally I go private sale every time.
  8. buying second hand bikes involves a little knowledge and alot of luck
  9. Luck will be increased with research and knowledge.
    If the OP sticks around on NR for a while and makes a contribution I'm sure someone will offer to have a look with them when the time comes.
    We all like bikes and we are a community. The OP only has to do a bit of research and ask. :)
  10. I work about 500m from moto one in Oakleigh.

    Can't say I have ever seen a 250 there.

    They mostly sell new Ducati, BMW bikes and accessories.
    I have bought the odd piece of stuff there, and their parts guys are pretty on the ball.

    If you did find what you wanted there, I can come over and take a look for you. I run a CAR dealership just down the road, so am there 6 days a week. Not there next week, swanning around the USA courtesy of the manyfacturer!.

    PM me if you need some assistance.
    If you are restrained money wise, try some of the import bikes. You will need to take more care selecting, but for a bike you may have for only a year, could be a choice.
  11. for what you are wanting, give redwing honda a try....
    or buy my vtr250!
  12. mick hone near box hill. he has a web site
    or be brave and go to the bike shops in ringwood. there are heaps near PS
  13. I've been dealing with them for about eight years and the service seems to have been quite good. :grin: