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Motor mower - when to replace?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by guggle, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. My parents gave my wife and I a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower as a house warming present around 17 years ago. It looks like the muffler has karked it, so do I try and fix it or bite the bullet and replace it?

  2. is the mower still running and cutting ok? if yes see what a mufflers is worth, I'd think more then a new mower!!
  3. Yeah, it runs and cuts ok, it has lost a bit of power though...
  4. hunt for a muffler and see what its gonna cost you. If the bugger runs n cuts well use it till it dies!! my two bobs worth anyway, mind you I picked up a 4 strove rover mower on flea bay for about $100 from a guy who hates mowing, he now pays someone to cut is grass, my mower was brand new [two years old] still original petrol lol came with red plastic petrol container etc. very lucky purchase..
  5. Fix it. This is a quality brand lawn mower. If it was a cheap Chinese brand X, I'd say replace it.

    The old mowers cr@p all over the modern ones when it comes to longevity and reliability.

    BTW, if you decide to replace it, I will take the old one off your hands - seriously.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys. I thought that a mower this old wouldn't have parts available. I'll hunt around for a spare part and see what comes up.
  7. stick a megacycle pipe on it!
  8. My mower is nearly 40 years old now... belonged to my Grandfather. It started playing up so I spent $30 on points & condenser, + a few bits n bobs. Still goes like a rocket... but now the handle fell off. :(

    Still the best mower in the world as far as I'm concerned, and I will get that handle re welded. :grin:
  9. I have a Victa which is about 20 years old...the muffler rusted out and for a small sum of $15, I bought a brand new one and put it on...works fine, albeit loud.
  10. I'm quite staggered that anything with a Briggs and Scrappem engine is still running after 17 years. Or 17 hours come to that.
  11. new mowers are shit, we have a honda mower at home thats around 25 years old and still runs well and the chassis is still pretty much perfect.

    so fix the old one.
  12. I am using one that is 27 yrs old .
    Does 3 properties lawns - every two weeks.

    Blades sharpened every six months, oil changed every year, spark plug changed every ten years lol. Starts first pull every time. Cast base not pressed steel.
  13. I would say a good time to get a newie is when you need a can of start ya bastard to get it going and a peg on the carby butterfly to keep it running as the throttle cable is stuffed.
  14. Fix it. New mowers are shit house, even the "good" brands.
  15. There are huge supporters for the old mowers, this thread shows evidence of that!

    New mowers are not all bad. My parents bought one a few years ago thats been really good. It is a honda, first pull start garuntee, 3 speed gearbox on it too =D>

    Good old Dad (or Mum even) can just hold the handle, squeeze the accelerator bar and it drags itself along with enough power. If your on a good size block I totally recommend splurging on something like this. If you work hard all week, why work hard again on the weekend?

    Back then it was around $1300
  16. Speaking of mowers, what's the recommendation vis a vis ride-on mowers these days?
  17. I can second the positive mentions of Honda here. Despite my well known antipathy for their bikes over a certain size, their small power and utility engines are about the best around.

    Back when I was landscaping, I didn't generally do lawnmowing but when money was tight I'd take it on for the few quid it raised. Because it was an occasional thing I didn't keep my own mower so I'd rent one as necessary. All the local rental companies used Hondas and wouldn't touch anything else with a barge pole. Like all rental gear these things were used, abused and battered as fuck but they always started first or second pull, appeared to use no fuel and had the sort of power and torque required to deal with the average, neglected British "lawn". I was very impressed. Assuming Honda haven't dropped their standards, I'd be happy to cough up the extra dosh for their product over anyone else's.
  18. Well I'll be fucked!
    I was a little surprised to hear Pat dissing the good old B&S brand, but happy to let that one go.
    Espousing the virtues of Honda though?!

    First Smee, and now someone's taken Pat and replaced him with a doppleganger...
  19. My opinion of B&S is basically the small power equivalent of my opinion of Honda's over 200cc bikes and based on similar experience :twisted:.

    They're not as bad as Aspera engines though. Mind you, short of having electrodes attached to your reproductive organs, very little could be :sick:.