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Motor Mates, 7Mate, RIGHT NOW!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by NiteKreeper, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Seems to be a history of Ducati, finishes at 4.35 so you haven't missed half yet...

  2. No, I don't want to be one of your 7 motor mates. Stop trying to draw me away from my hippy family! Just go away!
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  3. That made me spit a little beer Matt!
    I actually thought about them yesterday, and wondered where they are now and whether they've stopped arguing about me yet? Or did he dump them at Albury and is now touring the country on an old Postie he's converted to run on bio-diesel?

    On-topic though, the MH900E is probably the first duke I've ever lusted after...
  4. I heard it was about as interesting as watching paint dry & slightly less informative, any good?
  5. I know very little so it's all new and interesting to me.
    They're also going into a lot of detail about the evolution of the port sizing and valvetrain design right now, so I can see how it'd get tedious for some. To me it's interesting to see actual cutaway heads etc, and to hear how these designs allowed bigger, more efficient engines to be built.
    I like proper documentaries, me...
  6. Nice, I'll keep an eye out for it next time.

    My old man had an MH900 way back, spent many hours on the back of that thing :)

    Did you know the rear cylinder ignition timing was retarded 3 (IIRC) degrees compared to the front because of cooling issues?
  7. Fairly standard on in-line Vs I believe.

    Dunno about the timing but the old man reckoned that the rear pot on the sidevalve Matchless Model X he learned on would reach a dull red around the exhaust port, particularly when lugging a laden double-adult sidecar up mountains.
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  8. The MH900E, by the way...:
  9. Particularly aircooled ones, obviously.
    I heard that's where HD got their "reputation"; the rear cylinder overheated regularly so you had to pull over for a while...
  10. I recorded it if anyone wants it (it still has ads in it).
  11. Oi, stop that right now! The photos make them look unusual but they are butt ugly in the flesh. And the riding position makes a 675 feel like a limousine. Like the monsters, it's a hodge podge of leftover bits and pieces that Ducati unload onto their loyal customers except this is ugly and uncomfortable and slow too.

    If you haven't seen and sat on one you'll have to take my word on this - you don't want one! :)
  12. Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you meant the good ORIGINAL ones from the 80's.

    My mistake, carry on!
  13. I did actually - this was just the first picture I found, and I didn't know it was a replica.
  14. Good to know!

    Here you go:

  15. OK, now I'm confused - I know that shape and I do like it (I like the old boxy Pantah too...), but that's not a 900E; the 'E' is for "Evoluzione" and it was a special design as shown in my pic.
    The whole point of it was to show off the engineering, hence the minimal fairing, skinny "waist" (their description) and cutoff tail...
  16. Ah sorry, that's the MHR900, the original Mike Hailwood Replica from the 80. The one you posted is the MH900e, from the 2000's IIRC.

    Rumour has it Mike the bike (or his estate) never received a single cent from Ducati for using his name, either from the MHR900 or the the MH900e.
  17. I'd be interested in watching it. How do you propose transport of said doco? Electonically via the www dots internets or perhaps a hard copy on DVD?
  18. Well I'll be:

    Just got home and Motor Mate is now showing "Enduro Through The Decades"!
    Finishes at 5.30...