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Motor cyle safety reseach

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by deadman, May 10, 2009.

  1. I was just wondering how many people did this study for motor cycle safety research,

  2. i wasn't available in their time frame
  3. More info please
  4. Vic posted it up in a locked post,
    Its called motor cycle safety study, riders being recruited,
    Its a three hour videod study of your experiences on riding to'help them find ways to make riding safer and avoid the high fatalities occuring,
    It was done by Robin Hutchinson at the Monash Uni, Accident Research Centre,
    He rides a bike also. I went along for the study, His parting comment to me was, I have learnt quite a bit from you today,
    And I was wondering how many other people gave their time to do this survey in the interests of promoting bike safety on the roads.
  5. Would have been happy toparticipate but missed the original post.

    Is the study still running or is it now completed?
  6. You can only ask, robin.hutchinson@muarc.monash.edu.au
  7. My husband organised to do it on his day off. As luck would have it, I had an unexpected day off the same day, so rocked up as well and we did a joint interview. Interesting that we were the only scooter riders that participated. (sigh - why am I not surprised!!)
  8. I did the interview as well.

    It went well.

    Cheers Megan
  9. This is the email response I got.

    Dear Geeth

    Thank-you very much for your interest in the Motorcycle Safety Study, there was a great deal of interest in this research and all the interview positions have now been filled. It is extraordinary the way motorcyclists have been so prepared give their time to make a difference to the safety of other motorcyclists. I would really like to acknowledge you for your willingness to help in this study. It is possible that we may need further assistance from motorcyclists in future studies, would it be ok if we contacted you at that time to see if your are interested in participating?
    Many thanks,
  10. Wonder if there will be any positive spin from this study on filtering... would be good to give the badger the governments with yet more evidence that it promotes safety as well as convenience/less congestion.

    At the moment all Aus has done (that i can find) is the "Motorcycle Transport Powered Two Wheelers in Victoria" study published by Vic Roads.

    Anyone know of any other study’s done in Aus relating to motorcycle safety?

    Interesing to see this is being done in conjunction with the EU.....
  11. Kudos to those that did/do/will participate in this kind of research.

    Being in the science field & knowing a few researches in the car/motorcycle accident prevention research center up my way (Qld) it's great to see people getting involved in questionnaires/surveys/etc that will help us (motorbike riders of all kinds) to be safer, more aware, more educated & possibly recognized/accepted by the community, making the road safer for ourselves & everybody else.


    *stepping down off soap box now*

  12. I went along last week. Felt it was well worth it and hope we get some positive results from it.
  13. i could'nt get in. :(
  14. +1 :wink: