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Motor Cycle Maintenance Course

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by VintageRide, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Hello,

    Has anyone attended the Motor Cycle Maintenance Course at St George & Sutherland Community College? Is it worth attending (for a beginner).

    Does anyone know any other place that offer such course around Sydney?

  2. I went to the one that just ran (last 2 Sundays), but only attended the first Sunday session (had other commitments for the second Sunday)

    We went through the theroy on the first Sunday and some basic stuff, clutch lever slack adjustment, getting bike on centre stand, how to check brake pad usage, checking oil levels, chain tension, merit of good quality tools, etc

    The second Sunday was where actual work was to be done. The idea was to bring in stuff (parts) that you want done and then the instructor would go through it with you. ie one guy needed clutch lever and indicator housing replaced for the next session. A couple of the guys that was there are from Netrider, so they can add their thoughts.

    Yes, it is really targetted at beginers. If you have a workshop manual and are not afraid of possibility stuffing up, then I don't think the course would benefit you that much. ie I had carbs out of my bike and it's not something they go into. Personally, I think the course money is better off going towards good tools.

    Please bear in mind I only did the theory day and not the practical day, so do not have a complete (fair) picture.

  3. The course is well worth it

    The course is designed for the beginner Non-Mechanic. It will show you how you can save money by doing the easy stuff in between major services. It will show you how easy it is to do the stuff the shop charges you big bucks to do. By doing it yourself, you can save literally hundreds, possibly thousands of $$$ a year.

    The course is based over two Sundays, five hours each day. Because there is one Instructor and up to ten students, it is clearly not possible to oversee major tasks like carby rebuilds. Time would not permit it. And the rest of the students would feel pissed that the Instructor spend all their time with one person.

    The course covers things like:
    What you can adjust yourself, Brake, clutch levers & pedals;
    Brakes / pad replacement / fluid top-up or flushing,
    Oil change,
    wheel removal / replacement, flat tyre repairs,
    tools to be carried, tools to buy for the garage,
    What is that toolkit for? Where is it? Why don't I have?
    Accessories, assistance with installation

    On the last course, students removed, inspected, cleaned and installed both front and rear brake pads and calipers, Removed front & rear tyres, removed fueltanks, adjusted levers, pedals, replaced clutch levers, learnt to use the right tool for the job by doing all of the above.

    The course is tailored to the individuals on the day.
    It covers Scooters, Harleys and all in between.

    The only issue is that you really need to do a bit of research on the location of the College as the picture on the website is a little vague.

    The cost of the course is only $99 and is money well spent.
  4. Hi,

    I was doing this course this weekend but it got cancelled due to low numbers. Anyone else interested or is it not worth doing now?

    I was thinking of doing it in June when the next one is run.

  5. I'm interested in doing it. I'd be coming from the riff so somewhere closer would be good but I'll go anywhere in Sydney if its not too late.
  6. Top course :)