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Motor Cycle Maintenance Course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by djay, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Well it's been a very slow day at work today so in my web browsing I found this course at St George and Sutherland Community College for Motorcycle Maintenance. I got all excited and enrolled immediately.

    Has anyone done it? Or going to do it?

  2. Why isn't this thread or any of the others a sticky??
    Didn't realise these types of courses even existed!

    How did you go at your course djay? Thanks for posting.
  3. I know I already told you Devo but for the benefit of others..

    The course was fantastic. I learnt a bunch of random stuff in addition to changing my oil and oil filter, brake pads (front + rear), installing braided brake lines and changing the brake fluid (front and rear).

    For the amount that I would have paid a mechanic to do that stuff, I made my course fee back x3.

    Big thumbs up to the instructor John :D
  4. Nice work... I'll definitely be booking myself in in a few months (weeks?) when I've worn things down a bit more and things need done.
  5. I did this course over the last couple of Sundays and cannot recommend it highly enough. The teacher John is great. Most people went away with their bikes repaired so that the course paid for itself before it was even over.

    I rated it a 10/10
  6. I shall look into doing something similar... I knew my Kawasaki fairly well, and how to do most things... but my Triumph ... well, I don't want to break anything! hah
  7. thanks for the posts! never knew there was such a course, they will come in so handy when i get my new bike :)
  8. Awesome, I was waiting till SCM did the course again, I got an Email a while back but I put it off for the time being, didn't realise these SGSCC did this kind of thing, will book in sometime soon as I got a service coming up at 26,500km soon.