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Motor Cycle Clubs - can you list any?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by duncanp, May 13, 2007.

  1. I'll kick it off with
    Ulysses. ("Growing old disgracefully" is their motto.)
    Junior members are those under fifty.

  2. Would netrider be considered a club?
    seeing as there is membership and coffee nights etc
  3. Australian Hayabusa Club. (est. 1999) :LOL:
  4. BFC
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  6. Hangmore.
  7. Some of the Melbourne ones! :LOL:

    Albury / Wodonga MCC
    Alexandra & District MCC
    Alpine MCC
    Ararat MCC
    Bairnsdale & District MCC
    Ballarat Rovers MCC
    Beaufort & District
    Bendigo MCC
    Blue Rock MCC
    Broadford & District MCC
    Casterton Sporting MCC
    Castlemaine & District MCC
    Central Victorian MCC
    Classic Scramble MCC
    Cobram Border Junior MCC
    Colac MCC
    Corner Inlet MCC
    Dandenong MCC
    Diamond Valley MCC
    East Malvern MCC
    Frankston & District MCC
    Geelong Motocross Club
    Gippsland Speedway
    Glen Iris MCC
    Goulburn Valley MCC
    Goulburn Valley Jnr MCC
    Green Triangle Enduro MCC
    Harley Club
    Hartwell MCC
    Historic Motorcycle Racing Association of Victoria (HMRAV)
    Horsham MCC
    Koo Wee Rup MCC
    Korumburra MCC
    Lakes Entrance MCC
    Leongatha MCC
    Mansfield MCC
    Melbourne Mini Moto Club
    Meredith & District MCC
    Motorcycle Racing Club of Victoria (MCRCV)
    Maffra Sale MCC
    Melton MCC
    Mildura MCC
    Muskerry Moto Park Fast 50 Motorcycle Club
    Myrtleford MSC
    Newport Braybrook MCC
    North West Victorian MCC
    Oakleigh MCC
    Phillip Island & District
    Portland Junior MCC
    Preston MCC
    Quad Riders Club of Victoria
    Redline MCC
    Rosebud & District MCC
    Sidecar Racing Club of Victoria (SCRCV)
    Sandringham MCC
    Seymour MCC
    South West Mini Moto Club
    Sporting MCC
    Speedway Sidecar Riders Association of Victoria (SSRAV)
    Stawell Motorsports
    Supermotard Australia
    Swan Hill MCC Tarra Motorcycle Club
    Trials Club of Traralgon MCC
    Upper Murray MCC
    Victoria Police MSC
    Victorian Pocket Bike Warragul MCC
    Whittlesea District MCC
    Winton Yarram MCC
  8. Couldn't think of any huh? :LOL:
  9. Combat Veterans
    Veitnam Veterans
    Weekend Riders
    Brisbane Bikers
    Thats about all I can remember

  10. I'll give you 147 of them and save you the effort of reinventing the wheel ;)

  11. Vic,

    Just letting you know, this club no longer exists.

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  13. cheers
  14. Umm...lets see...
    Vintage Motor Cycle Club of Victoria
    BMWMCC Victoria
    Honda Riders Club (although this seems like a thinly veiled advertisement for Honda Australia rather than a motorcycle club....ooooh controversial! ;) )
  15. Mornington Peninsula Motorcyle Club
  16. Brit Iron Rebels ('Rockers' in Oz)
    Southern Riders
    59 Club
    Ton Up Boys
  17. yes, i can name one ;)