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Motor Bike purchase from Pawn Shop?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rb08, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Hi Everybody,

    I'm a complete Noob! Hoping to buy my first bike soon and I have been looking at a few bikes. One of the bikes I'm more interested in is actually listed for sale by a Pawn Shop.

    Has anyone bought a bike from a pawn shop before? What are the implications? Any added risks? or Complications this adds to the equation?

    The bike is registered and still has few months rego on it.

    Thank for your advice everyone.

  2. I would just do my due diligence like any other purchase.

    I do see pawn shops put stuff up then pull it off fairly quickly maybe because the owner comes and pays off the loan. So don't be suprised if it goes.,
  3. Do a REVS check like you would with any other used bike. Make sure the engine and frame numbers match any paperwork. Get a receipt and make sure you and the seller fill in your State's rego transfer forms. That should cover the legality and ownership details.

    Don't expect any help from the pawn shop if the bike turns out to be a lemon. Bikes are specialised items and pawnbrokers aren't specialists.
  4. I would go in with paper and pen, then go home and REVS the shit out of it for a start.
    If the pawnbroker isn't a licensed motor trader (which I doubt somehow?), you don't have any protection from the respective laws and it's as good as a private sale...
  5. i'd keep looking elsewhere
  6. What type of bike is it, rb08?

  7. I would treat it the same as any other private sale, which it is because they are not a dealership. Pawn shops have been given a bad rap by their portrayal in various media over the years, if anything the transaction is likely to be more problem free with the pawn broker then it could be if it was just a dodgey guy in a paper.

    Pawn Brokers have businesses to run at the end of the day, and they wouldnt have purchased/pawned the item in the first place had it not been in re sellable condition.
  8. Shouldn't this be in the bike pawn thread?
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  9. Exactly the same could be said of bike dealers and purchases from them are not immune from problems.

    I'd have no more problem buying from a pawn shop than I would from a private individual or a dealer (done both) but I'd exercise the same level of care and vigilance that I would with any other seller.

    I'm not a particularly trusting individual.
  10. Its my understanding that in Victoria a business isnt allowed to sell Bikes over 50cc without a motor vehicle traders license.
    The local cashies used to sell and buy bikes and that was the reason I was given for them stopping.
  11. I'd be wary.

    I put a bike up as collateral on pawnshop loan once, and lost it. I wish I still had it.
  12. Did Operation Repo come to collect it? Those guys are hillarious.
  13. Motor Car Traders are individuals, partnerships or companies who:

    •buy, sell or exchange four or more motor cars** in any 12-month period on their own behalf or as an agent
    •carry on business of trading in motor cars regardless of how many cars are bought, sold or exchanged in a 12 month period
    •offer to do any of the above.

    **Motor car means a motor vehicle within the meaning of the Road Safety Act 1986 (whether or not in working condition or complete). That is, a vehicle that is used or intended to be used on a highway and that is built to be propelled by a motor that forms part of the vehicle. For more details refer to the Road Safety Act 1986, section 3.


    A pawnbroker would very rarely sell even one motor vehicle a year.
  14. They usually hold stuff that is in pawn so no reposession.

    Another thing I would be concerned about was that if someone needs money enough to pawn their bike, did they keep up with maintenance.