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Motoplug or similar

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Oldmaid, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. So I am venturing farther afield on my little Wasabi and have flummoxed myself with how to use my bike's battery to charge bits n bobs like iPhone, ipad and other bits...
    I ride a Kwaka ninja ... I can fiddle on the bike but nervous of friggin around with the electricals.
    I'm guessing I am going to have to take of the side panels and then the seat...but then I start to feel hysteria rumbling up the back of the throat.:unsure:
    Is there a straightforward way to source the power from my battery...some kit or...?
    Or gulp, do I have to try and remember my physics for wiring up a home job (shit:alien:)?
    Tech Advice please:)

  2. Does your bike have an auxiliary power outlet? If so you can buy USB charger to simply plug into that.

    If not buy the same charger but you will need to wire it into your system. This can be as simple as choosing a suitable power source on your bike and plugging into that or adding a fuse in the line.

    A suitable power source could be straight off the battery if you want it to be able to charge when bike ignition is off (handy for charging while you are having lunch etc on a ride) or through somewhere like horn or tail light if you want it to only be able to charge while ignition is on ( means if you forget to uplug at the end of the ride you won't drain your battery).

    Given most iPads, phones and the like tend not to go flat in a single day, the other option is to not do any of the above and assume your stuff will stay charged except on overnight rides where you charge at wherever you are staying via normal charger. Obviously may not work if you are camped in the middle of nowhere but most do not do that too often.
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  3. Don't know how good they are but a quick Google search brought up a heap of YouTube "How to" videos
  4. Have replied above to each of your points but forgot to highlight text
    Going camping so power for my crappy old iPhone battery a sort of must...

    Thanks for the advice- appreciated!:D
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  5. You can get a variety of rechargeable batteries to charge iPhone/iPad. I use something called mpower power tube, but there is a lot of choice - cheap as well. It charges my phone up from flat to full and has a little bit left over as well. No dicking around with bike electrics required.
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  6. Buy a BMW :)
    2x 12v sockets and if a late model big R/G or K you get a USB socket built in.
    If you end up wiring something in, make sure to run switched power either via a relay or take it from a switched source, and make sure you fuse it
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  7. Ha ha! Got my next baby all but locked in but won't get him until Nov 15 once I get rid of my poobs...;)
    Yes I was weak kneed hoping the Wasabi had a 12v socket but na...:(
    Also want the connection to attach a mini compressor if needed not just for my electronic fripperies...:p
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    Burnsmoto make a lot of variations on a theme for bike auxiliary power options. Something like THIS kit provides Fuse, USB charge outlets and battery connectors. You will need to get your hands dirty to a certain extent but pretty much all you need is in that kit.

    Edited to Add: For a compressor you will need a 12V outlet choose a standard, Cigarette Lighter, SAE or Powerlet. Personally I prefer SAE, they are smaller and have a higher power rating. THIS kit will give you an SAE to battery connection and THIS will give you an SAE to cigarette lighter plug if that's what your compressor uses.
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  9. Excellent and cheap to boot! Thanks for this.placing an order now.
    Happy to have a go-used to tinker on my car(s) last century so happy to be a grease monkey!:LOL:
    Hard part will be the positive earth and getting at the battery. But all doable.:D
  10. I've got this set-up:
    RAM X-mount holds the phone or Navman. USB to power it. Also 12v outlet for pumps or a second USB (with adaptor) if needed.
    Since this pic was taken I turned the outlets 180 so they hang more discreetly under the bar.
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  11. my new bike has a USB outlet under the seat to charge iPhone etc - though the iPhone 6 holds its charge pretty well unless i get lost and need google maps - but then again i would be riding so getting lost would just mean finding a new way to go :]
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  12. :):)
    So the 12v outlet uses the 'cigarette lighter' adapter thingo?
    Unfortunately my bar set up won't allow for that particular configuration but never say never!:)
  13. one of these

    and one of these
    Both from your local Jaycar store

    take the seat off the bike assuming this gives easy access to the battery and then with a screw driver remove the screws from the battery terminals and place the ring from the ends of the leads on to the screws then screw them back onto the battery terminals - to - and + to + of course and then replace the seat.

    the beauty of the SAE plug is that it is very common with many powered accessories, heated grips, jackets, seats. you could even hook up a battery tender if not riding for long periods, and of course plug in your cigarette lighter lead put the seat back on stick the lead into your tail bag or back pack to charge your devices.

    No fuss no Muss and all at a cost of $19.90 and 15 mins of your time.
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    Have to take off 2 side panels as well which is a PITA but that's how it is. Be fun if I can't get the fcuker back together ha ha!
  15. God I think I have just ordered that much crap from all over the place I'll be like a kid playing with a ball of string and end up in knots...more bloody cables than telstra!
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  16. Google on pigtail +motorcycle +battery that's the SAE plug part of it. Cigarette lighter socket is the second part and it attaches to the SAE plug. Cigarette lighter to USB will be the pointy end.
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  17. Yes, a regular cigarette lighter size outlet, not the smaller euro style.

    It would be problematic on clip-on bars. On my previous bike, a Suzuki GS500, I did this:
    Waterproof 12v outlet (Narva, purchased from Repco as the Jaycar ones are all too big and/or ugly for my liking) installed in the fairing in-fill panels and a USB adaptor as required. Easy enough to find a spot and method to mount the phone or SatNav even with clip-ons although you can see I had a RAM mount on the fairing behind the instruments/above the headlight.

    Without power, Satnav or iPhone running google maps doesn't last very long if you keep the screen active. Now my limiter is battery life in my bluetooth headset - up around 8 or 9 hours but you can extend that quite a lot by giving it a bit of charge when you stop for lunch etc. It doesn't drain the battery very much.
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  18. I clicked the link with great trepidation..thought I was going to have to work out using one of those electrical diagrams with those gate thingo and ohms, capacitors...
    I can do this...yipee- I haven't had to wrangle with the physics of this stuff for ~35 years...sheesh didn't expect to actually ever have to use any of that stuff...:whistle:
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