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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Kermie, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Looking for some feedback from others who have used motomummy on bike gear?

    I have asked for 5 items from them via email, they are not willing to disclose stock levels, provide a finalised price & want payment via bank wire transfer.

    Not sure if the guy I am dealing with is just a doosh, previous experience with Ridersdiscount, STG and other US bike retailers is nothing like this.
  2. stock levels not important - just a "yes we have this item in stock" is all that's required (were you asking for more or in general, or just if they have it?)

    nothing wrong with payment via bank transfer. that's my most preferred method.

    not being able to give a finalised price - dodgy...

    do they have a phone number?
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  4. If they have it in stock, if not; what's the ETA on back ordered items.

    Not for me, mastercard or paypal is better; have tried bank wire transfers with my westpac account to other US retailers and its never worked.

    Anyway; STG & RD use mastercard and or paypal.

    Finalised price including postage

    If they do, its not worth my time let alone further expense.
  5. Yeah i ordered a simple item with them Techspec tank grips on the 6/6/11 and they still havent arrived - (ordered tyres from Jake Wilson and they arrived in 7 days!!).

    Sent an email to them this week and got a reply from someone (no name on the email) stating the tracking number is on my order form and nothing more, so took it i had to seacrh on my own. I then received another email from 'Erin' stating she would chase it up. I did question whether they had them in stock.

    Got an email yesterday saying that the package has cleared customs in Australia on 30/6/11 and should be arriving in the next few days.

    After the postage service i have had from Jake Wilson & STG, i think ill run with those 2 if i require anything further from the states.
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  7. i bought from them once and it was no different to buying anywhere else on the net. i sent a couple of emails and received fairly swift and good responses from "Corey".

    the only thing that has annoyed me about them is that i once tried to buy something and went through with the $400 order only to find out that it was discontinued and the website should not have allowed me to purchase the item (slack on their IT guy). I had to wait 2 weeks for the money to finally return to my account (visa merchant something or other issue).
  8. I bought a Two Brothers exhaust last year and dealt with Corey. I thought they were really good; quick responses and half the price I was quoted in Melbourne. I think it arrived within about ten days, possibly quicker. Even got a free stubbie holder!
  9. Bought an Akra slip on and link pipe, plus later on a set of ASV C5 levers...no problems with either, shipping via US Postal service was slow though. The pipe took ~2 weeks to arrive (big box!) & clear customs. With the levers I'd read that ASV were low on stock for my bike, so I contacted ASV asking when they'd be supplying motomummy...I'd like to think that helped.

    All in all, 7/10. Would be higher if there were different shipping options.

  10. same experience, same bloke.

    id paid for everything, gillies rearsets, exhaust and levers and they came back after i paid trying to get me to pay more(200 bucks more!) for the sato rearsets, i politely declined.. they then told me the gillies ones were out of stock and they no longer had them..

    same thing happened with the rearsets.. at this point i demanded my cash back(which they werent too happy about, but agreed) and went to sportbiketrackgear.com

    i have shopped with motomummy since,(chain + sprockets for $150 on sale) and probably will in the future if im going to save $50 in the future, but ill be avoiding them at all costs.
  11. I buy from Motomummy, everything from a full yoshi exhaust to ASV levers, Great service everytime. I can also highly recommend Jake Wilson/RMATV for Tyres and anything street/dirtbike
  12. Just a quick heads up, Motomummy.com its an American online parts website, this company has the worst customer service ever!!
    Also the manager "Corey" if he knows your an Australian buyer he doesn't care if he screws you around apparently not to fond of Australians for some reason.
    I am posting this on here so others don't have the same horrible experience as I've had with this company.
    Stay safe and happy riding.
  13. when you email him put on an american accsent
  14. you guys can use google talk to call US online retailers for free. used that to deal with ridersdiscount of which was a good experience.