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motolegion jeans

Discussion in 'Pants' started by modern_ninja, May 20, 2011.

  1. so, ordered them last night.

    after me trying my best to screw up the order, takamii sorted me out and its all good.

    looking forward to receiving them. I'll post a review when I get them/have had a chance to ride around in them. I'm planning to wear them everyday to work. I'll be comparing them against normal jeans & a pair of Rjays leather sports riding pants.

    WOOOOO!!! PANTS!!!!

  2. ...but it's pants-off-friday :(
  3. m_n, I'm interested to see your thoughts on them. I really should get another pair of kevlars (the others tend to go long enough between washes that they can walk on their own).

  4. sure thing backmarker... You can even have a look in person at them... Just need to tee up a time, after I get them.

    @wokwon, you goose :D
  5. so.

    Takamii did a great job and the pants have been in adelaide since tuesday. Between no-one being home and me not having any time to get them, I finally got to the depot to try and pick them up and guess what: some clown had sent them out for delivery. Even after I rang yesterday and organized to pick them up.

    They should be back at the depot by 6pm... I'm going to go back and see if I can get them.



    Takamii, i'll post a review when I finally get them!
  6. It's a courier. Not auspost who rock in my books
  7. :D Thats why I said "postal systems" :D

    Anyway: review time!

    I've worn them heaps since getting them on friday including a ride in the hills, commutting to work all at some very cold times. I'm comparing these jeans to a pair of leather Rjays sports pants, because thats all I have ever worn (and normal jeans) whilst on a bike.

    So, comfort: 10/10. They are just like normal jeans. The fit is brilliant. I also spent alot of time sitting around in them and again, they are just like normal jeans. Absolutely brilliant!

    Armor: 7/10. Worries me a little that the armor can move around so much, they aren't sown tight for the hip areas (being a kinda mesh bag that you stick the CE armor into, then that is put where you need it with nothing to hold it there except the fit of the jeans). Also the knee armor sits in a good place while riding, however again, there is a massive area that they can move around in.

    Fashion: 7/10. It'll pass so long as no-one looks too close! The hip armor gives you wide hips and a flat ass. The dark colour and cut is nice though. It is not "obvious" motorcycle wear.

    Complaints: there is a gap somewhere in the lower leg where cold air can get through. These things are brilliant for the most part, I don't even feel the cold (2 degrees this morning) except for this one little gap in each leg!!! I think it might be getting through the zip...

    Slippery as man! First set of lights i pulled up to I slid straight into the tank X( . Took some adjusting to.

    Overall: 9/10. A low speed stack at 60? I reckon these things are gona save my ass and they are easy/comfy to wear, so its not a problem. Coming off at 100 whilst trying to drag a knee, yeah, they aren't going to work very well. These are perfectly suited to commuting and general "casual" riding :D

    Thank you very much Takamii, I am very happy with the pants. They were worth every cent.
  8. Thanks for that will look into the lower zip ventilationmay use a thinner type zipper also knee armor placement is being worked on I think I have the solution for it as for the hip will look into that further
  9. Don't get me wrong, they are very, very, minor complaints in an overall very pleasing package.

    I reckon with the hip armor, if the mesh bag was sown into place, it would be perfect. As I mentioned, I'm comparing these jeans to a pair of leather sports pants, if the armor in a pair of riding jeans is up to the same standard as that in a leather pair, thats some seriously good armor IMO.

    Whether it stands up under a crash is another thing. But seeing as I haven't crashed in either set of pants (Motolegion Jeans or my Rjays Leathers) I can't really comment and only have my opinions


  10. It was raining here last night. I had to ride in it anyway, so I didn't put my want pants on and just rode in the jeans...

    I got soaked. :D

    I was wondering how they would hold up, it was good soaking rain... You know the steady, good sized stuff that just keeps coming? The pants lasted about 20-30mins before i felt the first bit of damp (incidentally, it was the crotch zipper that went first, so I knew about that one :D). By the time i got home after about 45mins I was soaked.

    I wasn't expecting them to be waterproof, but they held up a lot better than jeans. Perfect commuting pants. Just enough protection to get you home from work :) Provided you don't have to travel more than 30mins in solid rain.
  11. combination of thick denim and kevlar that did it
  12. Have you thought of combining Kevlar, thick denim & waterproof lining (removable or otherwise) still keeping the knee and hip armour? Similar to the Thomas Cook Thermal Jeans BUT with that extra added protection. :-k
  13. Thought I would put my two cents in. Just got my pair. I have been using draggins till now and they have lasted pretty poorly so I wanted to change brands. I compared my last pair of draggins to these. To be fair my draggins are 2 years old so designs may have changed. I paid full price for my motolegion jeans and have no vested interest in Takamiis buisness.

    The coverage and finish of the kevlar on the motolegions is far superior to the draggins.

    The draggins kevlar is all in square pieces, probably to cut costs in reducing offcuts. Looking at the draggins inside out, they look ordinary. Ugly right angle joins, no flowing curves. It seems like they are trying to put in as little kevlar as possible whilst still being called motorcycling jeans. The only place with more kevlar coverage on the draggins is where they wrap around from the bum a little further.

    Motolegions are far more generous in kevlar coverage, the knee is higher, which was a paticular problem for me because the area above the knee kevlar is where I wear out jeans very quickly. I can see these lasting a lot longer with everyday use. The legs wrap around further as well and the bum comes down lower. Their are nice curves and angled cuts following the design of the jeans.

    The kevlar is also much smoother on the Motolegions and closer to the texture of denim than the kevlar on the Draggins. How the different kevlar fairs when rubbing your bum on ashphelt I can't tell you.

    Apologies for upside down pics
    Top, back view, left draggins right motolegions
    Middle, front view, left draggins right motolegions
    Bottom texture difference , left motolegion right draggins

    Attached Files:

  14. Also forgot to add that;
    You can get two pairs motolegions for the price of one pair of draggins,
    Motolegion also have hip and knee protectors. With the hip protectors in the wrap around from the bum that is larger on the draggins is more than covered in the motolegions.

  15. Am going to trial a finer tooth zipper to try to eradicate that issue
  16. you said that already ;) :D
  17. so shoot me i am old and forget things ...... what were we talking about ?
  18. Credit where it is due, Takamii did an excellent job of bumping the positive reviews of his product.

  19. seriously that was not my intention - i dont want to break the T& C of the site
  20. You could have waited till tomorrow before replying :p