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Motolegion Jeans

Discussion in 'Pants' started by jaws, May 4, 2010.

  1. I have recently returned back to riding after nearly 3 years,
    I pulled on my old draggin’s only to find they no longer fit!

    The wife and I started dieting 12 months ago, and I have lost almost 50kg's during that time!
    Needless to say I no longer fit my old 48 size pants.

    When I saw that motolegion had discounted his pants to $100,
    I convinced the banker that these would be a great deal and purchased a black pair of these over the weekend.

    I received the jeans today, and first impressions are very pleasing.
    The cut and fit is extremely good, the Kevlar lining is in all the right places and very comparable to the draggin's.
    The weight and feel of the denim is also comparable to the draggin’s.

    I won’t get a chance to test these on the bike until Thursday (weather permitting).

    At the moment there are only to small issues with the jeans:
    1. There was loose stitching from the Velcro boot strap that had caught in the stitching along the side seam. Easily cut off without an issue. Probably a QA issue with the new addition of the Velcro strap.
    2. The pocket for the knee armour is not attached to the jeans, except at the side seams. Meaning when I place my legs in, they can fit either site of the pocket. Just something I will need to get used to, as this is my 1st pair of pants with knee armour.

    Will let you know how they feel on the bike, especially with my 5am rides to work.

  2. Sorry about the delay in following up the OP.
    But some issues with the pants, and life got in the way!

    Firstly, as with any new pants, I gave these a wash before my first use.
    One of the belt loops unstitched during the wash, and the screen printed logo has started to peel.
    I contacted MotoLeigion and explained what happened, ML offered to replace the pants or repairer the belt loop on the pants at his cost. As it turns out, my mother in law does clothing repairs, so this was easily fixed. The screen printing is an issue with the current batch of pants and does not affect them.

    So after this have I finally got to use them. Yes.
    I have since worn them for the past week on my trips to/from work, in the wet and dry.
    Well I can say they are very comfortable, everything stays where they are supposed to when on the bike (unlike a pair of casual jeans I now have).
    They are thick enough to keep the cold out on my 5am trips into work.

    So now only time will tell how well they hold up to regular use.
    So far so good, and for the price, I can’t complain
    If you’re looking for a decent pair of basic Kevlar jeans, then you should give these a try.

  3. Cheers Jaws
  4. Sorry about this motolegion, should've put up my review ages ago. So I received a pair of motolegion's kevlar jeans on the 13/04/2010 I think... my first impression of the jeans were "Damn they look good!". When putting them on they felt and fit fantastically similar to regular jeans and the thickness is good for riding in moderately cold weather.

    Most notable to me was the triple stitching

    and I liked the idea of the boot velcro straps to stop them flapping in the wind.

    The quality of mine was very good, no loose stitching or fading so I rate it.
  5. So that was my initial impresson on motolegion's kevlar jeans, before I could post this up I had my accident in motolegion's kevlar jeans! Ha! So I still can't remember what happened in my accident but the jeans held up very well. I wasn't using the knee pad protectors at the time but I only received bruising to my knee. Here's a pic and close up, sorry about the poor quality used my phone for take these.

    And somehow I managed to split the crotch, dunno how that happened.

    So my impression after using these jeans, it saved a lot of painful months of healing literally saved my skin. Thanks great jeans.
  6. Great reviews guys, well done Moto
  7. Is that white patch under the where the demin ripped kevlar? Looks like flash is on so hard to tell.
  8. its actually the yellow/green of the kevlar