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MotoLegion Jeans - available now Best in the universe

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Takamii, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Hi there

    The jeans are now going into production - the prototypes have been sorted and have come up trumps

    In all modesty I will say that these are the best fit and comfortable , most stylish and functional kevlar jeans on the market - they are also the best Value for money

    They will be $140 per pair delivered to your door and will include the hardshell ce approved removable knee and hip armors

    14 ounce denim
    Large one piece kevalr areas ( not patches everywhere)
    Triple stitching
    YKK zippers
    Quality rivets and button
    upmarket logo embroidery ( hey I need the free advertising :) )

    SIZING - is real sizing - a 32 inch means it really is a 32 inch waist opening for example

    CUT - relaxed cut - more room in the ass and thighs area so it doesnt squish your balls when riding or cut into you
    I will soon put some pictures up to back up what I say
  2. My credit card is steaming in anticipation.
  3. Make girls ones!
  4. great, I'll be looking for some new strides very soon, would love to see some pics.

  5. Good News everyone ( said in a professor farnsworth voice )

    I will be producing womens sizes and cuts

    hopefully netrider people will help me become the biggest in Oz in time by spreading the word

    and you all know I always give back to the community on this forum in appreciation

    I look forward to having my name on peoples backsides across Australia ( no breaking wind while wearing them OK :) )
  6. Yes! Yes!

    I've already heard great feedback from people out and about..but no girls as yet..
  7. Look forward to them.
  8. Woo! :bannanabutt:

    And for the record..women don't fart.. it's the men and the dogs that do it. ;)
  9. I own a pair of these jeans and can back up Takamii's claims of comfort and build quality.
    For the money asked and the inclusion of CE-rated armour, you'd be mad to look past Motolegion.
    My pics are still coming too - both me and Mrs Kreeper have had the flu...
  10. Alexandrino will also have his tomorrow

    Custom made size from order to delivery in 8 days
  11. Will you be doing black ones? If so, I could use a pair for the work commute.
  12. Most definitely

    pictures will be up this afternoon
  13. Wow! I wasn't expecting them so soon. Time to shed some inches off my waist, fast :-({|=

    My plan was to have them around my ankles while Carmen Electra was bent over the bike. Is that approved usage?
  14. What kind of kevlar lining is it?

    Are you doing any testing?
  15. Having a lab test them soon

    300gsm knitted dupont kevlar

    Theres a few real world examples where its saved a lot of skin

    plus being making them for over a year - no complaints yet
  16. And armors


  17. Hey Mods

    I will make these pictures smaller later - need to go to uni now
  18. They look excellent and for $140 (under half the price of Draggins which don't even have armour..) that's pretty f'n good value :p

    I think I'll take a pair for uni, currently squidding about in normal jeans..

    PM sent!