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Motojig and scheibner laser geometry machine up and running

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ylwgtr, May 15, 2008.

  1. Hi all....Finally the scheibner and Motojig services are available in australia..... its been a while but we finally have the bench up and running.For those that are not sure what the two systems are,here is a quick run down.The scheibner system is a chassis geometry measuring system that is used by factory race teams and many repair shops around the world to ensure that the geometry of a bike is eitheir up to the manufactures specifications and an accident or to suit a certain spec for racing.For the tech head heres the specs

    Opto-electronic measurement of the basic frame
    2 CCD-measuring cameras
    automatic computer controlled detection and measurement of the targets
    Infrared illuminated targets
    resolution for angle measurements: 0.01°
    resolution for measurement of distances: 0.1 mm
    Laser measurement of the rear frame and the swingarm
    moveable and rotating laser detects positions automatically
    Optical output power of the laser: < 1 mW
    resolution of the integrated potentiometer: 0.25 mm

    This system used in conjunction with the motojig is the most advanced equipment around the world when it comes to chassis alignment.The process is as follows,The bike is first measured using the scheibner system,then if the bike is out of tolerance, it is stripped to to realign the area of problem.The initial measurement is done with all components intact...the scheibner can also be transported in the boot of a car which means its a great tool for race days and on site pre purchase inspections.
    The moto jig however is a different story...the bugger weighs over 1000kgs!!!So if you want to try and transport it you would want to make sure youve had your weeties!

    Here are some pics of both units.I have no financial tie up with either company nor am i trying to gain any benefits from posting this stuff.....If some of the mods think otherwise feel free to delete this topic.I just thought it may be an interesting read for some of you guys.I could provide a step by step operation thread if anyone is interested



  2. All I ask for is sharks with freakin' laser beams attached to their heads!!

    It may be late and I'm tired and possibly been drinking but I have NFI what you just said.
  3. Aha!

    I saw this unit being assembled and it looked like a precision bondage rack for naughty motorcycles. Seriously impressive.

    I trust my pannier got looked at in amongst it all. Will be in on Saturday...

  4. Sounds like a really cool piece of kit.

    Send me some info :grin:
  5. So who's got this machine? Where is it located?
  6. Yes but can it be used to fold a bike in half.
    Just for the fun of it :grin:.
  7. Doesn't it come in a different colour? :sick: :p :LOL:

    Good one mate, I'm sure with Bob Martins gone you should get plenty of work for it.
  8. Nice bit of kit Troy!

    Hope I never have to use it. :)
  9. Oh dont worry about that....we are having a break-a-thon next week...breaking all your favorite models such as ZZR250,RGV250 and my personal favorite CBR250....Its got me as to why on earth you would put such fine engineering into something and end up with a gutless peice of shite....I going to have some satisfaction tearing that one apart let me tell you :D
  10. Photos please! :LOL: