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MotoIn vs MotardInn vs Revzilla

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by PeterPorker80, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. I'm looking at getting a jacket and a back protector. Of the stores listed in the title, the items (and shipping) increase in price by $10 (in ascending order to the title).

    I guess the cost is small enough between stores for me to treat it as equal.

    Which one of the stores should I go with for the best customer service and delivery times?

    (In terms of location, I believe they are respectively located in Germany, Spain and the US.)
  2. I've purchased from Revzilla a couple of times, can't complain on that front.

    I also returned something to them, outside of their normal time frames and they were more than happy to give me a full refund (I spent the money on something else) so they get my vote.
  3. Revzilla shipping can verge on the 'enthusiastic' sometimes.
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  4. What jacket are you looking at getting?
  5. I was getting a Dainese Frazer, Alien and the Shield G2 back protector. Just got an email back saying they don't ship Dainese to Australia.

    Their loss.
  6. Motostorm may be able to get what you want if you ask them. Filippo is always good to deal with and willing to help.
  7. Try moto-fc. long shipping time though.. 2 - 4 weeks. and non existent customer service
  8. I've ordered from Motoin 3 times, their communication can be patchy (they're not very proactive or quick to respond) but I've never had anything significant go wrong.
  9. Do orders take long to arrive with them? Just placed my order... the waiting game begins!
  10. 5 days from motostorm
  11. Checked out Motostorm but they didn't have the jackets I wanted.
  12. I told you mate, Filippo will get it in for you if it's not stocked. They are unreal to deal with, I wont buy from anywhere else they are that good with price and service.
  13. Couple of weeks tops, just make sure they actually send the order first (use the DHL online tracking to confirm). Sometimes they need to be reminded to post your order...
  14. So I chased them up since placing the order and I got a boiler plate email back (with a pdf of the invoice) saying that my order had been shipped. No DHL tracking number though.

    How did you get your DHL number? The site says it's 7-9 days delivery after posting. Dang.
  15. They should send you an email with a link to track the item with DHL, if they haven't done that yet then send them an email, they might be waiting for stock or something.
  16. Actually, I hadn't updated this post... I emailed them on Monday to ask for the DHL tracking number but didn't hear back. So I called them last night. The man I spoke to said they'd sent it but he'd resend it. Lo and behold, it was in my spam directory. One business day turnaround between ordering and shipping so far... should be in the air and in my hands at some point next week. Fingers crossed!
  17. How much you paid for the jacket and the pack protector + shipping, do you mind sharing?
  18. Shipping was a flat EUR15.90 (~20 AUD). One of the jackets was $450 instead of $800 locally. The other was $380 instead of $500 local. Back protector was $69 instead of $89. Mega savings.

    All in all, it took just short of two weeks to deliver. Ordered on Feb 22 and arrived Mar 6 (9 business days, inclusive).
  19. hum....i went to place an order for the laguna seca 1 piece at revzilla.com but it looks like they won't ship dainese products internationally :(

    "I'm sorry, but due to manufacturer restrictions, we are unable to ship Dainese products internationally.

    We do accept orders with an International billing address that are shipped within the US if you have someone who can receive your package for you. Additionally, there are third party shipping services which can provide you with a US address we can ship to. This service will then forward the package to you abroad. Two companies our customers have had success with in the past are MyUS.com and Aramex.

    Very sorry for the inconvenience, let us know if we can be of any further assistance!"

    I don't particularly want to have to setup a forwarding mailing address, seems like too much of a hassle.

    motoin.only seem to have the laguna seca pro estiva available in size 54, red/white and white/black while motardinn only seem to have the two piece version.

    I'm after a size 50 in either red/black or yellow/black

    Any idea where else i could get it from? Also, have you guys had issues getting dainese products shipped to Australia?