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Motoi insurance by QBE

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by ianlee, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. Hi i m new to netrider, happy to join this club, as i can get a lot of useful and funny information.
    i just got my new bike xj6, struggle alot to choose from honda cbr500, but finally i still like yamaha...
    anyway, reason i post this thread is i need to purchase insurance for my bike, the cheapest i can get is motoi, it said it is by QBE, Motorcycle Insurance | QBE | Motorbike Insurance
    has anyone heard of thz company.

    also i struggle.a.lot if i should buy the helmet from aldi on sales thz sat, hope someone could give me some suggestions, cheers

  2. Moto-i run a discount through Ulysses. Not sure if that is good or bad. I've had contact with them with no reply.
    Consider that you may get a better overall deal if you take up CTP and Full or 3rd Party with the same company.
    Get a helmet that fits! For sure look at Aldi but I reckon you are better off going into a store with a good reputation - especially if you are not sure what a good fit is. Plus you get variety.
  3. I got my helmet from the motorcycle accessory supermarket. They had helmets on sale when I went. Their website is Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket for Harley, road & MX motorbikes if you wanted to see online what they have. They have a few stores around Sydney (I went to their store in Penrith).

    The cheapest insurance premium quote I got was from GIO. I got my comprehensive insurance from Yamaha though (I have a Yamaha R3) but CTP though GIO.
  4. thanks guy, i will try motoi thz year, i already tried helmet at mca and scm, will check out aldi thz weekend too.