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MotoHeaven's VIP Importer Clearance Sale This Thurs 14.04.11

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Penny, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Hey all! Massive sale @ MotoHeaven this Thurs night. All Welcome 5-9pm
    819 Nepean Hwy Brighton - 9557MOTO.... Current Dainese, AGV, Astars & More at huge discount prices... Hope to see you there!


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  2. looks like online shopping is having an effect locally
  3. About time too coupled with the mighty rise of the AUD local retailers should start adjusting their prices accordingly and business will start flowing thru their doors again.
  4. Yes but when you turn up they will have very few in the average sizes and most will be either x-x-large or small, others will be stock that's so ugly it was a no seller.

    Also up to 70% off means shit like socks will be 70% off the rest maybe 10% if you're lucky
  5. Hey guys, yes shopping online has affect locally but despite this, importers and retailers in all stores are bringing prices down accross the board.

    Naturally we can't have 70% off everything, however minimum accross the board is 15% and most stuff will be 30-50%, well below any online costs. And you get to try it on and get it on the day. :) There are a broad range of sizes coming in for the sale with plenty of medium, larges etc not just Xs and XXL.

    Hope to see you at the sale guys to check it out :)
  6. We've just started getting stuff in! I just wanted to update this because today to let you know we've ordered even more general Alpinestars apparel i.e hoodies, hats, belts etc... Items have started being entered in the system and there is HEAPS of winter riding gear, perfect for the weather we've had lately!

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  7. Any Nolan n102 flipfront helmets?
  8. Hey Smee, nah just AGV and KBC :) Cheers
  9. I'm already there!