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MotoGuzzi Stelvio 1200

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by JohnG., Aug 2, 2008.

  1. I hope it's successful. If Guzzi get more successful here then prices might start actually start to be reasonable (on other models).

    Though to be fair this thing seems to be as well priced as it's obvious competitor.

    That may not be enough, however, as it's new bike from an unsteady supplier vs tried and tested bike from a reliable supplier. All this in a niche where reliability means more than any other.

    they may need to be prepared to tick over on minimal sales for a few years until people get confidence.
  2. I reckon it's a great concept. If it has more power and less weight than a GS it would be a great thing.

    Ibast, what you say about reliability is important of course.
  3. Yup.I think the second model run will be the one...
    btw,the main Guzzi Dealer up here told me they're
    getting BMW soon to get 'bums on seats' but retaining
    Guzzi for the regular 15/20 sales a year... :cool:
  4. The importer says the first shipment will arrive in nov.

    I`m guessing we will get the 2nd "batch" with the gremlins sorted...

    What about tyres?
    There seems to be not much off-road product for a 5.5 inch rim :-k
  5. I've been looking at these with interest given I'm considering whether to get a new Guzzi for my next bike or a BMW.

    The limiting factor off road will be that road bike width rear wheel. I suppose limited development budget meant they couldn't use a 150 or 160 section rear tyre but it's really going to be hard to get something with even slight off road pretensions in a 180.
  7. I guess a limited budget is to blame...a long with no ABS etc...
    '2nd batch' sounds good...U.S. forums should have most things sorted by then :wink:

  8. Looks pretty sweet. The Australian site still doesn't have a price up ... if it is on the money it might be on my consideration list for an upgrade.
  9. Mate, Its a Guzzi, they are not meant to be a cheap bike to buy and own :)

    Your kinda all over the shop then, hey :) Theres a huge difference in price between a vstrom and an F800gs. Lets not sugar coat it, THE deciding factor will be cost, so whats your budget?
  10. I dunno about that, I can't really see what area it'd go well in...

    In fact, the more I think about it it's a bloody silly bike. What can it do that a multitude of Euro and Jap models can better?
  11. It's better at being at feeling like a Guzzi sideways V-Twin.

    It depends upon if that's enough for you :wink:
  12. Read a report that caned it for really bad vibration. These style bikes always end up being tourers due to their weight etc. and vibration could be a major issue on long rides.
    Curiously, the same motor in the Griso apparently has no such problem :?
  13. titus,
    The Griso & Stelvio have different fuel mapping...