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MotoGuzzi Norge 1200

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by JohnG., Mar 10, 2006.

  1. I agree Guzzi should be considering getting into the water cooled engines soon as the Euro emission laws are going to get tighter. If Guzzi want to survive they have to think ahead, as you can see they are with this prototype.
    The heads look strange I am use to seeing fins. I like the fairings better on the water cooled model.
    Maybe Guzzi haven't ironed out all the bugs yet with the water cooled engine or that the new company want to see haw the new range goes before investing large sums of money retooling for the new engine.
    I am at the moment more inclined to believe Guzzi should have a four valve in its bikes.
  2. gix750,
    Yeah Guzzi has the Euro emissions laws covered,for now...the Breva & Griso1100s have some sort of 'Aprilia type EFI system' they handles it.
    They've had a lot of drama with belt drive fours valves(and hydralic valve '03 californias...) in the past....so they're now,it seems,opting for the ol' simplier two valve locknut/screw adjustment valves...
    You maybe right...the watercooled motor could come along later....
  3. Hopefully Guzzi go well with the new models (if anyone wants to see some great video of new models, get a copy of the latest Aust Road Rider with the DVD on the front) as I think they really deserve to stick around. If they do well, maybe Piaggio will think twice about offloading them to someone else who might not do them justice.

  4. yeah i've read the article in Road Rider mag as well.

    i reckon it has to be a good move to get Guzi a bit more main stream and touring is def going to do this.

    all in all it looks to be a good bike - even if a little boring.
  5. I saw the video I liked his comments on the Griso but I am a little biased.
    The video is not a bad way to do reviews though.
  6. I thought the video wasnt too bad for a first try...
    ..'liked the 'helmet cam' bit on Italian roads &
    the segment on the Milan Show...
    But the advertising agency bit on the Breva was
    a bit over done...
    I hope other brands pick this idea up...