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MotoGuzzi Griso 1200 8valve

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by JohnG., Nov 17, 2006.

  1. 4 valve head Guzzi!! 110cv 11kgm @ 9500



  2. I want so much to like Moto Guzzi, but they frustrate me so much.

    After seeing these pictures I went to the website to have a perv. Apparently there is now a 850 Breva and Griso. My initial thought was "when did they sneek those in?". Followed by "well at least they have taken the 750 engine up to a more useful capacity"

    Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against 750 twins, it's just that a 2 valve OHV 750 engine is just no going to be enough for me. Just.

    So the idea of an 850 was enough to get me interested.

    Then I notice 3 things. Firstly the price. Jesus, do the Australian importers of these things ever consider what the competition is selling for?

    Secondly, the Breva's got those terrible remote "clip-ons" from the 1100. Why couldn't they use the setup from the 750? At least then you could set your own bar configuration.

    Finally, it seems they have sleeved down the 1100 engine, rather then upped the 750 engine. So why the begguck would you buy a bike that had only 100cc more, cost more, but was carrying around 45kg more?

    Meanwhile the most popular bike they ever made was the 1000s from the early 90's and they seem bent on making nothing like it since.

    An 850 "classic, cafe racer" bike, based on the 750 engine, selling around the $13-14,000 mark would really float my boat. It shouldn't be hard, they get the Breva 750 in around that price.

    [edit: speeelling]
  3. I have been told that taking the small block engine out to 850 compromises reliability seriously and that it is already as large (and poowerful... not very) as it will ever be at 750cc.

    Have you seen the 940 naked bike? The price on that is intended to slot in well under the California range and may be more to your liking...

    Looks like a cross between a Ducati monster and a california jackal :)

    http://pexi.mediterrum.com/ <-- lots of pics of the 940 here.
  4. Yeah, saw that. It's a bit weird. The bike looks good, as does the seat. The use of the California tank and that weird seat surround make it not work visually. Looks a bit like a parts bin special.

    Pity, it was a good idea. The exhaust looks a lot better than the griso too.
  5. I suspect that at least some of the 'downmarket parts bin special' effect was deliberate.

    They wouldn't want to steal sales from the Griso 850 and would want the bike to look 'not as good as the more expensive ones' for marketing reasons.
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  7. We were checking out the 850 at the Motorcycle Expo. I have to say it seems pretty pointless given they have the 750 in the range already.

    Having had a good look at a few Grisos now, I really like them (particularly with the aftermarket pipes that were on the one Scumbag rode to Fri night coffee a few weeks ago)!
  8. My thoughts exactly. I like the 750 but worry that I'd simply get bored with one quite quickly, and the 850/1100s are not only way more expensive but also the wrong size/shape for me. It'd be nice if they updated the 750 engine to increase the power output slightly (4 valve head would be a good start) - though if the price increased by much it might struggle to compete with some of the other bikes on the market.
  9. If it's sleeved down from a larger donk, it's going to have a longish storke, maybe it'll be a nice torquey engine for day to day riding?
    I'd buy one of the new Guzzis, if I had the money. Actually, no I wouldn't, they'll be cheap enough second hand in a few years..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. My sentiments exactly. This is my ultimate bike. (These are even tougher looking than a Buell )-in my humble opinion of course.

    Guzzi's seem to have a pretty crappy resale (why is that?), so I'll be on the prowl in 3 or 4 years looking for a bargain.
  11. Yup,me too :twisted: :grin:
  12. Many owners of older 850 Guzzis have put 1100 kits in their 850's... that suggests to me that the 850 is a bit light on grunt for at least some people.

    My V11 1100 is torquey and fun to ride but isn't exactly what one would call fast.. it accelerates about as fast as a carby SV650.

    I suspect that the griso 850 (nice as it looks) probably accelerates about as well as a Ducati Monster 620 :(

    Yeah Yeah... as people say why ride a Guzzi if all you care about is accelleration, but I don't just care about that.

    I just want enough grunt to cruise around cars on the highway (which my V11 has) and I suspect a griso 850 would struggle with...
  13. they used to be pretty good on the resale, but the importers to Australia have been putting huge new prices on them (the 1100 in particular) and any bike that is overpriced to start with will allways have bad resale.

    Hardley being the exception.

    It's probably because they (guzzi) were so inconsistent there for a while and there was no obvious lineage from year to year..

    The 750 Breva should hold it's value pretty well however.
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  15. Man that's a nice set up.

    would be perfect for me to get to work and the odd weekend