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MotoGuzzi Griso 1200 '8 valve' motor pics

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by JohnG., Sep 15, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]






    − 8V logo and new Moon White colour scheme.
    − New handlebars in black anodised aluminium.
    − New sports style saddle.
    − New streamlined bodywork.
    − Racing footpegs.
    − “Quattrovalvole†full black powertrain.


    − 1200 V 90° “Quattrovalvole†twin
    − Single overhead cam per head with hydraulically operated valves.
    − Single plate clutch
    − New exhaust system with two-into-one coiled pipes.
    − New block with integrated front bearings.
    − New valves with 5 mm stems
    − New 55% stiffer crankshaft.
    − New 3 segment Asso forged pistons.
    − New conical valve springs
    − Independent self-contained oil cooled heads
    − Pistons cooled by oil jets.
    − New oil cooler pump with overpressure valve.
    − New coaxial oil lubrication pump with cooling pump.
    − Gear driven timing shaft and oil pump.
    − New type of con rod bearings.
    − Silent “Morse†camshaft chains.
    − Hydraulic chain tensioners and rollers.
    − New 50 mm throttle body.
    − New Marelli IWP 189 injectors.
    − Noise reducing “floating†rocker covers.
    − “Reactive†shaft drive transmission
    − 6-speed gearbox.
    − Euro 3


    − High tensile steel tubular twin cradle
    − Upside down 43 mm pre-load adjustable hydraulic front forks with mounting for radial calipers.
    − Pre-load and rebound adjustable shock absorber
    − Rear suspension with single progressive swingarm adjustment
    − Front brakes with 320 mm perforated wave discs and 4 (opposed) piston calipers.
    − Rear 282 mm disc with floating caliper fitted with 2 parallel pistons
    − Rear tyre 180/55/17
    − Front tyre 120/70/17




    110CV (108hp) and 108NM (79 lb/ft) WOW !!! But still with an 8,000rpm redline...Yup,looking like a big step forward for MG :cool: :twisted: :grin:
  2. Against- pressed metal camchain gears :shock:
    For- Automotive style belt driven alternator :LOL:
    If I didn't have this horrible niggling feeling about parts and servicing about Guzzis, I'd seriously look at one. Too bad horsepower and torque are only around what my 90 model tourer has!
    WHat is that drilled passage dividing the exhaust port???

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. You sure that's not just a guide sorta thing covering a proper gear?

    Pity the bike's so ugly.

    And what is that exhaust, just visible in the action shot going to look like :shock: ?

    I think Guzzi need to do the same thing to their stylist as they did to the bloke who thought Starbursts instead of proper switchgear was a good idea.
  4. Could be just a guide, not sure why you'd need it with a chain?
    Agree with the stylist, frankly, the Guzzi V engine looks seriously hawn sticking out the sides like it does, and they have come close to a nice bike in the past, but man, that's an ordinary attempt!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. When are they going to go for liquid cooling for decent horsepower, already!

    And besides, that don't look like no hydraulically adjusted valves to me, look like screw-n-locknut ... anyone??
  6. A
    Well I wasn't going to say it, for the sake of Andrew's blood pressure :grin: , but the whole concept looks suspiciously like the Guzzi engineers put a BMW 8v R lump in a big hydraulic press and liked the effect :grin: .

    I really like some Guzzis (there's a dealer somewhere else in the world who still has drool marks down his showroom window from when the 1000S was launched back in 88 or so) but this one does absolutely nothing for me.
  7. I see it's Euro 3 compliant so that drilling may have something to do with an EGR circuit or some such.
  8. EGR makes sense. Could be air injection into the exhaust port to allow a more complete burn of gases maybe?
    I dunno, I really like air cooled engines, very retro, and one less system to fail (cooling). Teh layout of the Guzzi V makes cooling an aircooled donk pretty easy too.
    I THINK, looking at teh photos, there is a canshaft at the back of the head, and that operates hydraulic lifters which actuates the rocker shafts. Probably the adjusters are a crude adjustment and fine lash is taken by the hydraulics, allows for production tolerances in valves etc, plus they get to say HYDRAULIC VALVES in ad copy!
    Don't mind my blood pressure, I think BMW's are lovely bikes, I just know they are overpriced and over rated. Beautifully engineered, but they've got problems like anything else. :grin:

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. They share a similar market/image to HD's. So air cooling will always be a necessary part of the brand.

    For the future of the brand, I think they really need to be producing sports twins that are the equal of anything from BMW or Japan.

    A compact transverse V-4 or even V-6 would be super-awesome and fitting for the brand too I think.
  10. Can't argue with the overpriced bit. That's why I've so far bought old stagers or mildly crashed examples.

    I really like the HP2 Megamoto in another thread but there's no way I'd contemplate spending nigh on 30 grand for one :shock: .
  11. I would love to replace my V11 with a new Griso, the new motor is what Guzzisti have been wanting for years and the styling of the Griso appeals to me (yes I know it's not for everyone) :)

    Not this year though :cry:
  12. [​IMG]

    Look close...looks like just a cover or washer to me... Apparently,the locknut & screw gives you your 'base adjustment' & hydralics take up the rest...
  13. Yup,'agreed...I minded a friends Griso 1100 for a week once.... :twisted:
    I think my 195cm frame will be happier on the Stelvio 'Adventurer' 1200 (same motor) when its released...hopefully pricing wont kill it...
  14. At the moment I have a Griso 850 budget... and Griso 1200 8V drooling. :LOL:

    I'll hold off until I can afford the bike I actually want, not just one that looks like the one I want.
  15. I Was going to buy an 1100 Griso last November, but saw pics of this bike 8v with radial brakes, so i thought id wait, theyre holding out so they can clear stocks of the standard one's,

    I rode the first demo bike in Aus when it came out, unbelivably nimble compared to any other of their models in the range, silky smooth, but lacking in that traditional engine vibaration, I might have to put heavier pistons in it.
  16. I like it, a lot. But that said i have a thing for brutish looking bikes (K1200R, trx850, speed triple, vmax..). Would i buy one tho? No. Too expensive. I guess guzzi's are good if you're an enthusiast and would keep it for 15+ years but for the rest of us i reckon they're just a bit too out there for their own good. I still like em though.
  17. Dave,
    I wish I had a dollar for everyone that used to tell me that...when out on my Guzzi California...I bought it cheap-ish as an ex-demo low klm stock...4yrs old! I found DIY sericing very easy & cheap.
    I think the current stock will get real cheap once this new motor is well & truly on OZ showroom floors...I love'm...my Aprilia is faster but just cant take to it in the same way...or anything jap for that matter.