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MotoGP's Return to Laguna Seca (Long)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by VtrElmarco, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. The MotoGP circus heads across the pond to wonderful sold out Laguna Seca. I think spectators have been warned of 48 hour delays leaving the track!! This circuit has had about 12 billion dollars spent on it to get it up to minimum safety standard that the boys from MotoGP require. Apparently they don’t like slamming into hay bale covered concrete walls any more. Wusses!

    Laguna is a very tight technical track which requires a very balanced bike without the emphasis on being on total horsepower.
    Sound good for Yamaha?
    Sound bad for Ducati?
    Doesn’t matter with Honda!
    The track is only a short 3.6 km long but changes elevation quite a lot during a lap. I personally cannot wait for these guys to fire those MotoGP bikes through the corkscrew in anger for the first time since 1994. It will be lotto type odds on all of riders to emerge from the corkscrew still intact on the first lap.

    Laguna Seca has only held 6 Grand Prix’s and several of these have been marred by major crashes and controversy (Two involving our own Kevin Maggee in 1989 and 1990). It could also be due to the early nineties 500cc bikes where rider maiming demons.

    Look for Rossi to keep spanking everyone again and the story will remain the same that he will be pushed by Gibernau and Melandri. I expect the Yank contingent of Junior, Hopkins, Hayden and Edwards to pull there finger out of there arses, which will make there past performances all the more puzzling. Junior and Hopkins will be exempted from this statement, because the Suzuki will still suck despite the new Red Bull paint job.

    Flame away!!

    The rest of the field could still surprise, and that will be all dependant on the performance of the Bridgestone tires. They may deliver some awesome pieces of kit to some races, but they have also delivered some rebadged Shitoko Touring retreads for other races. So Ducati, Kawasaki and Suzuki could still surprise…….but probably not.

    Now everyone remember that this race happens on an early Monday morning three weeks ago due to the bizarre quantum time shift that happens when you cross the international date line. You have all been warned, so don’t biatch when you set the VCR up wrong like I most probably will.

    From your roving reporter on the ground, Marky McSlow. 8)

    All opinions contained herein have no resemblance to any truth whatsoever and were invented after drinking twelve bundy and cokes.
  2. I want air through the corkscrew.

    If Rossi doesn't pull a Superman seat grab I'm not gonna be happy. :p
  3. Exact tv timetable (according to www.tvguide.com.au):

    Monday, 11 July, 2005
    FOX Sports 2 (12): 6.30am MotoGP
    TEN 7am MotoGP
    FOX Sports 1 (11) 9.30pm MotoGP (replay)
  4. Channel 10 is showing it live, or nearly live?

    What sort of weird alternative reality is this? :LOL:
  5. Expect the following to do unusually well:

    The Kwacks
    Suzuki's (baring break-downs of course).

    Should be interesting, my money is on Edwards being the local hero with the knowledge.

    Pity I have a doctor's appointment on Monday so I'll have to stay home and watch it :wink:
  6. Nearly live I think, with plenty of commercials of course. At laguna they only have one motoGP race (the 125's and 250's are not running, AMA superbikes and 125's are running instead). So that may be why it is running only 1/2 hour behind?

    On another note I just read this:
    Hopefully Rossi gets a few kickbacks from Sony for that plug...
  7. Wouldn't matter what the track is, Rossi will still spank 'em. Edwards is a spent force, despite local knowledge. He hasn't been able to stay with Rossi on any tracks so far and he knows all of them as well as Rossi does. Rossi learns tracks real quick, so local knowledge won't count for much IMHO.

    I wonder if they will televise the AMA Superbikes?? That would be cool. See Mighty Matt beat 'em again.
  8. I thought it was about time we all argue about the REALLY important stuff in life.

    Like whether Rossi would be faster through the Reefton on a CT 110 than Gibernau on a Vespa.

    Like who has the worst hair.

    Does Kawasaki Green make my arse look too big.
  9. I wonder if mazda will challenge someone for a lap against the 787B... :p :roll:
  10. 1) Yes
    2) Me ( I have none)
    3) Yes

    Any other questions?
  11. This is better. Some real controvery. After sniffing gallons of paint thinner, Nova states that Shane Shakey Burn will do unusually well. If this doesn't start people flaming you about you bike and riding skills, I don't know what will. :p
  12. Shakey will shake but not much else.
    The Kwaks will kwack up.
    The Suzukis will snooze around at the back of the pack and retire as usual.
  13. Is that the comp that Michael Jordan Owns a team in?

    Anyway I wonder if Sony pay alot of riders and drivers to say gay stuff like I've been playing the playstation and I think I know the track well. I remember Klien from F1 gave em a big plug before he ever stepped into the Jaguar in Aus GP he said he's never driven here but he's been playing heaps of playstation so he thinks he'll be sweet. Bah at playstation, we need more Xbox plugs :D
  14. Yay X-Box!!!
    That good enough??

  15. I would have thought that would disqualify you?

    Anyway, I think I can lay claim to having the worst hair. Just ask cosi (i think it was him)