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Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by BRK, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. can anyone tell me what date the motogp starts?


  2. Yeah. Monday morning our time.
    I am about to edit your title, into lower case. The use of capitals is considered to be a bit rude. A quick read of the Terms and Conditions would have told you that.
    Your penalty is to pick up papers at lunchtime.
  3. MV, you're a real hun!

    Yup, 3.30am Monday. In the age of global warming and concerns about rising sea levels, the GP of Qatar is going to be illuminated by 5 trillion gigawatts of artificial light. Way to go Dorna!

    The intent was to reduce the heat stress on the riders and the effects of the sand that gets blown onto the circuit. Funny thing is, those woosy WSBK riders ran 2 races there only two weeks ago. Those super fit MotoGP guys obviously need extra help.

    Of course, the real reason is just like little Bernie wanted the Melbourne F1 GP to be held at night, so that those European peoples get to watch the race around their midday. The fact that they get 14 or 15 races in their timezone during the season doesn't seem to faze them.

    Apparently there are also expecting weird tyre issues due to the track temperature cooling down during the dark, but with ambient temps that are still up there.
  4. Is where they're reacing this weekend anywhere near a place called Doha? If so, the current forecast for the next few days is 23max, 18min.

    That doesn't seem that hot to me. But then, maybe Middle Eastern 23/18 degs C is hotter than Euro ones...
  5. One and the same!
  6. I have spent a fair bit of time in the Middle East and even when it is up around the 40's it is a dry heat with almost no humidity so their reasoning is a croc. It is only for commerial reasons nothing to do with helping the riders, otherwise Sepang would be run at night also. You are right the temp should be around the mid to low 20's this time of year.
  7. I stand corrected. The ONLY reason that Dorna gave was for prime time viewing figures in Europe which is 9pm CET (apparently).

    For me, an afternoon is a great time to watch motorsport, I don't understand the fascination with night time finals and such.

    Even so, it'll be interesting, but it makes a mockery of trying to downplay carbon footrprints. That much illumination (3700 units they said) is going to be a little bit of a drain.
  8. Yay for Labour day public holiday in Victoria on Monday!
  9. How the priorities have changed.

    When my father worked in F1 Bernie Ecclestone was just a keen observer and Ron Dennis was their runaround boy, with very little technical background whatsoever. My dad told me they were nice enough guys but not of any consequence in those days. The priority was on racing and that was as far as it went. Over the years as the Chapmans and the Tyrells and the Brabhams have drifted out of the sport and Bernie and Ron are the big cheeses the focus has become purely commercial to the detriment of the racing. Talking to people from those old days they say the same thing, "F1 has become a circus", and it no longer really interests them.

    I am concerned that allowing this night racing in MotoGP is another step towards making profit the priority over racing, to the detriment of the greatest sport on earth.

    I understand they need to turn a profit for the sport to survive but there also needs to be a fair balance, and racing these bikes at night just HAS to be more dangerous than racing them in the daylight. Just the loss of depth perception alone at night is enough to increase the risk.
  10. You bludgers who have these "long weekend" thingys, should regard yourselves as fortunate. I will be at work, during the telecast.
  11. Your efforts at keeping the country running have been duly noted Sir MVRog.

    Signed: RobSalvv - bludger :p

    I hope you get a day in lieu some other time mate.
  12. No such friggin thing where I work. We are treated like robots. The bosses are all passive sodomists, in my opinion. 3 years 7 months and 20 days to retirement.
  13. Only 3years 7months and 15days to go now Rog :wink:

    Countdown til Rog becomes a bludger too