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Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by nearlyempty, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. 1st GP of the year this weekend @ Jerez.

    What are your predictions for the year?

    It'd be easy to play it safe and go for Rossi (always good in a race) or Gibernau (if he doesn't spit his dummy out), but I'm going to go out on a limb and plump for Capirossi as my outside bet, hoping that they have finally tamed the Duke enough for him to be a serious challenger.

    Still ignoring Rossi & Gibernau, I reckon Hayden could be top 5, having shown a little promise toward the back end of last season, although I don't see him as a consistent challenger.

    Edwards will, once again be Mr Consistent & I reckon will be the dark horse of the year, and could even knock Gibernau down a peg or two. This of course, depends on how he takes to the Yamaha, but he is pretty good at learning new bikes and staying upright.

    Biaggi seems to have lost some of his heart & I don't feel will have a good year. He seems too intent on finishing second.

    Prediction for the year:
    1 - Capirossi (IF, and a big IF, he can get some consistency out of the Duke)
    2 - Rossi
    3 - Edwards
    4 - Gibernau
    5 - Hayden
    6 - Biaggi
    7 - Everybody else

    This puts the first Honda 4th though, which seems a little far down the field.

    ... oh, sod it:
    1 - Rossi
    2 - Gibernau
    3 - Biaggi
    4 - Hayden
    5 - Edwards
  2. Rossi.

    can't wait. Will be antsy all day so I'll be out riding to calm my nerves.....
  3. Don't think Biaggi will be able to do anything, even with the factory ride. Just doesn't appear aggressive enough. Hope Gibernau doesn't win. Capirossi will struggle with the Duke, judging by Laconi's performance in the Superbikes (albeit a different Ducati set-up) they haven't tamed the thing, superfast on the straight, shit round corners. Hayden won't win against the likes of Gibernau and Rossi, think your prediction of fourth is about right. Edwards being Rossi's team-mate should be in with a chance but I can't see him being able to match the Hondas when I think his skill level is not as great as Rossi's. Would like to see Bayliss up there but can't see that happening. For my mind Rossi will win and it would be good to see him do it, just to prove that the supreb first season performance on a Yamaha was no fluke. Don't forget that the Honda factory riders, including Gibernau in the satellite team all have the new bikes so it'll be tougher than last year for Rossi, as now seven riders (I think) are essentially Honda factory backed.
  4. So where are we going to watch it? :)

    And for the record:

    1. Rossi
    2. Edwards
    3. Gibbers
    4. Biaggi.
    5. Capirossi or Hayden.

    If you haven't bought Faster yet, do it! I'm most of the way thorugh disk one and it's great. The scenes of McCoy sliding around a track like it's child's play is just amazing.
  5. Had the Faster double DVD since Xmas, don't understand what all the hype was about in AMCN when the said the release date was 16th March? I've now seen both discs about ten times each. Brilliant footage. McCoy a genius until he fell off and broke is leg/hip(?) and hand (I think). Really can't understand why he's gone to Foggy Petronas in Superbikes (probably unfortunate not to get a ride in MotoGP or SBKs elsewhere)
  6. IMHO, riders who stand a good chance of winning the title:


    Outside bet:


    No chance ya suckers:

    Biaggi :)

    Anyone not on either a Honda, Yammy, Suzie or Duke!
  7. Thanks for reminding me that a certain person still owes me a dinner for out-tipping them in last year's championships. :D
  8. Ducati’s in WSBK & MotoGP are very different beasts, even the teams are using different developmental approachs, the MotoGP team have been developing their bike in a completely different direction to improve the ’04 bike drive with no problem with its power.
    Laconi & Tosland’s bikes are just feeling the pinch of a displansment disadvantage ( trying to match the power output with half the cylinders - how many twins have you heard that rev as hard as theirs like at Phillip Island?).
    Sure I’m biased, but I think the advantage that Ducati has in MotoGP & WSBK is that being such a small firm, timeframes & dirctions in developments can be more dynamic than the japanise firms which seem to have hierarchies & committees for a lot of decision making.
    This can make Ducati improve dramically one round & maybe go bad another.
    The MotoGP Desmosedici is reliable, it’s just that Capirossi & Bayliss have a hard time reigning them in sometimes…..
  9. The Ducati SBK's are definetely getting hosed in performance stakes. They were stilling topping the speed trap into turn 1 though but I think they have other handling issues this year. Those twins must be wound up like hand grenades. They still sound the best. :evil:

    As for the MotoGP, it will Honda vs Rossi, and that about it. My dark horse prediction is the texan tornado Colin Edwards. He has done a bulk of the testing for Michelin, and could pull consistent results all year. Come Phillip Island we will be claiming him an Aussie!!

    The big problem for Ducati this year will be getting the Bridgestone tyres to work at every track. Look out for them at Motegi.
  10. Marx 748 - don't get me wrong wasn't criticising Ducati, love the bike and the sound at PI, awesome, I think they'll get there, the development is extraodinary when the budget is a poofteenth of the Japansese factories.

    VtrElmarco - At one point during the firest race, Troy Corser's Suzuki actually matched the Ducati on the speed trap in turn one at PI WSBK's both with a top speed of 314kmph. Prior to that, Corser had been the fastest all weekend and in the SuperPole at 308.9kmph about 6kmph faster than the Ducati or any other bike.
  11. Okay :cry: :wink: