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Discussion in 'Bikes' started by enigma--, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. still no motogp thread? guess ill get the ball rolling.

    not only was this my first time shooting motorbikes, it was my first time at any sort of race (other than a thursday at the f1s YEARS ago)

    needless to say i absolutely loved the experience, such a great atmosphere and watching those racers is an awesome feeling! kinda started getting the hang of taking the pics by the end... anyway, on with the photos... taken over saturday/sunday.





  2. [​IMG]



    got heaps more but ill leave it with those for now...

    hope someone likes them, any c&c more than welcome for a nooby like me :)

    cheers, ash
  3. They look awesome mate. Just take a bit of yellow and magenta out of the first two and that should fix up the colours
  4. thanks mate will give it a crack :)
  5. Love the one of Casey looking backwards at the bottom of the straight
  6. Yeah great shots also love the casey one looking over the shoulder, and how you got the emotions of the crashes, nice work.
  7. They're heaps good.

    What were you using?
  8. a camera?
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  9. thanks, i was really trying to convey their frustrations at loosing it.
    indeed it was a camera! :p

    d3000 with a 70-200 2.8

    great lens, very basic body, so im happy :)
  10. i dont know much about the nicon bodys does the sensor multiply the focal length? you seem realy close to the action
  11. yeah it is a crop sensor so multiplies, some of them are also cropped in LR and futher, i moved round almost the whole track so some spots got closer than others :)

    edit: that said, i wanted more zoom the whole weekend! short of getting maybe a 300mm prime, i think a teleconvertor might be on the cards once the funds appear :)
  12. losminidrivers.com

    my favourite pre and post gp website:p
    best cartoons

    from when i followed F1
  13. i got a Kenko 2x in singapore for around $300not long ago it seems to work well you loose a couple of stops with it but you do with the canon too .im usind a 5d so no multiply efect with the sensor
  14. Great shots! Nice work.
  15. Wow, I had no idea you could get vantage points that good. If I ever get some decent gear I may have to meet up with you at the track some day.

    If that's what you can do as a nooby then you are doing damn good. I really enjoyed those except the colour balance as mentioned before. Easy to fix these days. Not like the old days of slaving away in the darkroom after walking 10 miles to the lab in the snow. :)

    Although I didn't do much small format work or sports photography I was a pro photographer in a former life and came to Australia to manage a colour lab so I know a thing or two.

    Keep up the great work. Post some more or better yet whack em up on a site like Flicker so we can see them all.
  16. Bloody awesome pics mate, one day i'll buy myself a decent snapper.
  17. cool! i was tossing up between the 1.4 (hear great things) and the 1.7/2, depends on if i stick with a crop body i guess. i cant justify spending anything on a new body when this one is doing ok, thought id love the extra features/buttons. full frame... hrm, maybe ill wait for the d800 and buy a 2nd hand 700. who knows...

    thanks mate! :) as i said, wandered round basically the whole track sans siberia over the two days, so its a mixed bag. i found turns 1 & 10 the best for me, though if i had more zoom, a few of the others would get some awesome angles.

    thanks mate! my camera body has been desribed, by some, as the worst body nikon ever made. but my lens is awesome, i love it! guess the saying lens > body is very true!
  18. Great photos, love to see more!
  19. Awesome shots, would love to see the rest...What is Stoner looking at?