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MotoGP Weekend Transport

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by 7THSIN, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. Hey guys and gals,
    Like a few of you, I'm heading to MotoGP next weekend and I need to find a way to get from Tullamarine Airport to the Island.
    I'm only 20 so hiring a car is out of the question, does anyone know of bus/coach services running on the day? I've got acommodation in Cowes and I'll probably be staying on the Island the whole time.
    I've got a week to find something :? The stress is getting to me :p

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

    Cheers, Alex :wink:

  2. Unable to assist, sorry, but a couple of questions....

    What day do you arrive?

    What time does your flight arrive?

    What day and time do you fly out of Tullamarine to Adelaide?

    Just thought some more info would help people decifer if they can help out personally.

    The Skybus leaves Tulla approx every 15 mins heading for Spencer St Station (melb) and costs $13.00. From there, no idea....
  3. If you follow KnightRiders advice, get to Spencer St/Flinders St station.

    From there, you can catch a train on the Frankston line to Frankston, swap trains at Frankston onto the Stony Point line, and ride that all the way to Stony Point. (Wave as you go past my place! :LOL: ) From Stony Point you can catch the Ferry (Click Here) straight across to Cowes.

    If you're really keen I think there's buses running from Spencer St station down to the island, but you'd want to be really keen - buses suck.

    What day do you arrive in Melbourne? If we know we might even be able to organise you a lift with someone caging it down.


  4. Easy :)

    1. Catch the Skybus from Melb airport to the City. $13 and leaves the airport every 15mins. 20min ride to the city.

    and ...

    2a. Thru Ticketmaster (or call 131 641) book yourself a seat on the MotoGP express coach. City to Phillip Island for $28.


    2b. Catch a train from city to Stony Point and then catch a ferry from stony point to phillip island (includes bus transfer to the track)

    Regular shuttle buses run between the track and phillip island towns throughtout the days.
  5. Friday the 14th

    7:45am Eastern time

    Tuesday 18th, 5:00pm

    Thanks guys for your help! I'm flying over by myself so if I get lost I'm in abit of strife :p [/quote]
  6. Thanks Mouth Thats exactly what I'm after :D
    Whereabouts does the MotoGP Express Coach leave from? And are there any other time apart from 7am? (I looked on the website)
    I've been on hold to TicketMaster for the last 15mins... oh wait here we go....
    NOPE! Damn!!! :x The last bus through Ticketmaster leaves 15 minutes after my plane lands :cry: :cry:

    Might have to take that Ferry over...

    Anyone know of other coach/bus services that run from the city to P.I. on Friday morning???

    Thanks again for your help guys, you've provided me with more info in the last hour, than I've been able to find myself in the last 3 days :p
  7. Get a train from the city to Dandenong and then a coach from there @ 10am to Cowes (PI), or hang-around the city and get a coach from there @ 12 midday to Cowes.

    Table 515 - http://www.vline.com.au/times_east.html
  8. Mouth will you be at MotoGP? I believe I owe you a beer :)
  9. Ok I'm new to bikes and am going to the GP - wondering if it's even remotely possible for me to get off the island and back to Tullamarine to catch the last flight to Sydney on sunday night.

    I heard that traffic from the island makes it impossible. last flight would be at around 21:30

  10. Rob I would say that's pushing it unless you are on a bike, only one lane leads of the island across a bridge. Airport is at least 2.5 hours from Phillip Island in normal traffic. The other alternative would be the ferry and then you would make it.
  11. Cheers Steve - will book hotel for sunday night too...
  12. Book one at the airport .. if you make it in time for the flight, your fine .. if you miss the flight, then it's just a few hundred metres walk to the hotel :) Hilton or Holiday Inn if your rich, Formule1 if you just need a bed