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motogp web stream?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by bluepill, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. heya all,
    im really hoping someone can help out, im currently in germany on holidays and am trying to get a web stream happening for the motogp this weekend, anyone know of one?

    i tried onhd for the f1 and its blocked due to not being in aus or something, any way around that would be ace too!

    thanks doods for the help, got to get it for f1 too, they're a little vettle biased over here, plus i cant understand shit:p

    ride safe!
  2. Could try this, I've this site mostly for MMA events & NRL matches but it's got a heap of other stuff including Isle of Man.

    Sometimes the quality is great, but other times it's like standard version or whatever.
  3. You stream it off motogp.com, but you gotta pay for it.

    I don't have digital tv so I got the yearly subscription, it works really well and you can watch all the classes. Free practices, qualifying, race, replays of all old races going back to the doohan days.
  4. I stream from the oneHD site. Hasn't been a problem for me yet
  5. you could try connecting to a VPN in australia and then streaming thru oneHD site as it would think you are in australia. I don't know any free VPN providers though...
  6. i found a few online. i can give ya the address if ya like.
    can post in here ???
    ill try anyway...
    hes got a schedule up, hes not doing the 125/250 but GP for sure.
  7. surely it would be televised in many bars in Deutschland?

    EDIT oh right the language barrier.
  8. try an aussie proxy. never streamed through a proxy so i have nfi what the performance would be like
  9. tvu network maybe
  10. watchin it now from there ^^^ but need to install Veetle to play (20mb)
    worth it
  11. I wouldn't bother with proxies and vpns, they would work in theory but the performance would most likely be grossly inadequate.
  12. hey doods, thanks so much for all the links, going through them now to hook one up!!! CHEERS, go stoner, flying!
  13. Alternatively you could pay for the single race sub from motogp.com. e9.95 for the whole weekend. This is Tu to Tu subscription and gives you access to the whole Motogp back catalogue as well. How much is a beer in Germany these days? 9.95 would cost you perhaps 2-3 beers?

    Seeing as we've got a heap of races coming up, if you pay e19.95 * you can watch Spain, UK, Dutch and Italian GP's as well. No mucking about with vpn's that either get overloaded, are in Spanish/Italian/German either. Decent resolution and as you're in Europe the broadband speeds should be half decent too. At the least, there will be less latency than here.

    It never ceases to amaze me the amount of time and effort people will go to to save a few $$$ when the end result is often shitty, unsatisfactory and often not that much cheaper than just coughing up a few bucks to get the real thing. YMMV.

    * This is a recurring sub, starts from the day you subscribe for 1 mth. It renews every 1st though, so you need to cancel before that date to avoid paying for the next months sub.
  14. well we (well me anyway) live in a society of getting things for free, just gotta go hunting... but always at the cost of quality, consistency and overall satisfaction.
    thats why I love the cinemas for the REAL experience
    can't bring myself to watching a CAM jobs.

    i think thats a half decent deal on motoGP site, if i was more into it I would buy a pass.
  15. We all want free. But the time and effort people will expend in order to get 'free' always seems out of proportion to the value they get. That monthly sub is really good for this month because of the 4 races in the month that it includes.
  16. I'm happy to pay for my GP subscription. I always seem to miss out of going to PI for the race (usually suspended license) so I see it as a way of supporting the racing that I love to watch.

    On a side note to give you an idea of the quality of service, I pulled my iPhone out at the pub and turned on the live stream during qualifying and was watching it in high quality over 3G. Very impressive.