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MotoGP Valencia

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cascade63, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Great to see Gresini Racing will be competing in Valencia, it's going to be a tough weekend but here's hoping everything goes as smooth as possible for the guys.
    And the minute of noise is going to be something if it comes to fruition along with the final round with 800's.....

  2. yep good to see for sure, all the best to them.

    minute of noise definately happening?
  3. I had to Google "minute of noise", but it led me to this on UK Yahoo - I really like that Paolo feels the love everyone has for Marco...:
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  4. I love the idea of a minute of noise. Far more appropriate for Marco. He would love the idea.
  5. Yes, almost a stroke of genius. Would sounds fantastic actually being there
  6. I'm betting crowd numbers will be through the roof on race day!
  7. Should we join in at home? :demon:
  8. Great to see the Gresini team gear up and head out.
    Thumbs up!!!
  9. Great to see the Gresini team will be there and this minute of noise for Marco is a great idea. Would love to be there and experience that kind of noise all at once.
  10. a very fitting way to honour Marco, something he would love.
  11. Has the minutes noise actually been talked about by MotoGP yet? All I've been able to find is the suggestion from his father. It is a great idea, lets hope we see it.
  12. yeah would be the coolest thing out but probably won't happen. the last thing they need now is more negative publicity about safety so I doubt they'd take the chance
  13. Yeah there's been hell of a lot of wowsers using Marco's death against motorsports. I can see a lot of them jumping up and down that "motosports fans are such rev head idiots that they can't even take traditional respect for the dead seriously" or something alog those lines.
  14. Whisper is it is happening before the 125's

    Translated quote :

    Request accepted even by the normally stiff and formal Dorna are the words of Javier Alonso himself. Sunday, before the start of the 125, all motion of the three categories will meet on the track where they will create "a minute of casino" in memory of Marco Simoncelli.

    Casino is noise or racket in italian
  15. Hmm. Not near a guide and normally watch the main race only, will we see this on 10?
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    Doubt it. Coverage only starts from the moto2 on one. Probably only get a replay.
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    huh? coverage starts at 8:45pm on ONE with the 125cc race...
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    Oh my mistake, when I scrolled the guide over it conveniently left out the 125's.
  19. Casey fastest in the wet in both practice sessions, Rossi THIRD fastest :shock: