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Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Aussie, Aussie Aussie(well, Italian actually) Oi Oi Oi :grin:

    Stoner Vermeulen Melandri

    \:D/ :dance: :roses:
  2. and West in 7th, with no promise of a ride for next year :(.
  3. Oi oi oily?
  4. Well it was good to see the Aussies dish out a lesson in motorcycle racin' by the ladel-full to those slack jawed yokels at Laguna Seca.

    Some bunch of Italian Blokes.

    My star of the race has to go to Melandri though, who dislocated his ankle (that's right, dislocated...) on Saturday, then went on to claim a very credible third place. His hobble to the podium celebrations was painful to just watch. He will be wishing he was someone else when the painkillers wear off...

    Bridgestone tires were the hoop of choice there today, so Rossi's fourth is still a credible result, but the championship gap is now near two races.
  5. I hope he does get a ride and not live to rue his decision to leave the Yamaha SSP team. It was good to see that they were basically the first of the 2nd division bikes. You'd anticipate though that with Hopper and Hayden taking each other out that really they were a true 9th and 10th. You'd also have to factor Elias into the equation if he were there. So perhaps really a 10th and 11th. Which, from memory seems to be where he used to finish on the 250cc bike.

    I know the big bright lights (and salary) were a factor, but to go from winning on a really professional SSP team to mid pack finishers on a MotoGP team would seem to be a backward step.

    So where to for him? Kawasaki have indicated he is not in their plans at all for next year (which seems dumb to me, he's clearly a good rider). Hopper has the #1 seat. I don't know what RDP's contract state is.

    Gresini will lose Melandri, but Toseland has first dibs on that ride. Elias has a 1yr contract, but he is Spanish, so Dorna will ensure he gets a ride.

    Pedrosa has HRC wrapped round his little pinky. And HRC are still a class act. Equal 2nd with Yamaha I'd say for performance. Lorenzo looks to have the 2nd seat at Yamaha, unless Rossi throws a tanty and refuses him access.

    Suzuki have lost Hopper, but will want a big name to attract sponsorship. If Capirex doesn't go to Suzuki that might be an option (and a good one. Can't help but feel Hopper has sold out for cash).

    So quality rides? I don't see any. Perhaps a ride in a 2nd string team? But they generally need paying riders, or riders who attract their target demographic (ie Spanish/Italian).

    Anyway, unless you're a Stoner fan, the race was as boring as. A bit F1 like. Let's hope the summer break brings a bit of excitement back.
  6. As much as I want the Australians to win, the race did remind me a bit of a the bad old days of Doohan's total dominance, where he'd win so often, and by such a large margin, that it just got a bit boring after a while.

    It certainly wasn't a close fought race. In fact, it was very similar race to watch as last week's Sachsenring race, just with various riders switched.
  7. Listen to you little whiney so and so's.

    (Little Girls Voice/ON) Wheres the excitement? (Little Girls Voice/OFF)

    We don't want excitement. We want mental disintegration and utter dominence. We want spoilt Italian, Japanese and Spanish tears. We don't want fair and equitable racing. We want disgruntled press corp claiming bike advantage. We want to laugh rudely while others wallow in first last place.

    I'm off for a spot of gradening, a cup of tea and a biscuit.
  8. um, wo are 'we'?
  9. Probably a better question to ask is who the hell are you? :wink:
  10. Likely the same group of fans that follow the Australian Cricket Team.
  11. Now where talking Mr Flux. Thats the exact spirit I am after.

    In all seriousness, I think the hotter conditions have played a massive part in disadvantageing a different tire brand at the different events.

    Sachsenring saw Bridgestone runners (Bar Loris) struggle, and it was Michelins turn at Laguna. Maybe we need a cooler race to even the field a little more?
  12. I don't care if Casey wins every race of the season. But what I'd love to see is a battle, not a procession. The 500 championship was great for Mick, but next to no one watched it. I can't fathom why people watch F1, it's so boring.
  13. Full marks to Stoner, he's trousering the field.

    I still wanna see Rossi get up and win it. I don't feel much of an affinity for Stoner, he sort of bores me. He's riding a bit too sensibly to be entertaining, even if he is an Aussie. I prefer my 320kmh psychos a bit more psycho.

    Yamaha's apparently got their engineers on round-the-clock shifts to get a half decent active valve system into the M1 before Brno. They're talking pneumatic valves is what I hear. That'll give the Doc a bit more "hello boys" on the straight bits where he's struggled this year.

    Beyond that, it really seems to come down to the tyres. Rossi can nearly ride around the shitty Michelin donuts, but he's just about the only one. And if the Michelin tyres do turn around, it looks like Pedrosa's ready to storm the fort too, that would make life interesting for the doc as he tries to put together 44 points on Stoner by the end of another 7 races.
  14. I like watching Casey 'cos he's so smooth. His style is almost everything that I aspire to in my riding. It may not be psycho, out of line, rubber smoking stuff, but there's no denying the effectiveness of being as smooth as possible. Pays off in the wet too.

    Don't forget Hayden either. He may have been rubbish up until now, but he's managed to start putting himself in the upper pecking order. Not that I really believe that Hayden is a better rider than Rossi, but if Rossi has just one off race, it'll mean a greater points difference. Had Hoppers not taken out Hayden today, I reckon Hayden would've finished ahead of Rossi almost for certain.

    Let's not forgot the mostly crap, but occasionally brilliant Edwards as well, although Edwards would be more likely to tow the team orders party line more than most team riders would.
  15. Edwards is one guy I just cannot work out. He shows blistering testing and qualifying speed, and even the occasional good race effort, but come most Sundays, it's just blah...

    Maybe he can't ride around bike problems like the Rossi types can.
  16. I think Rossi is very talented rider (& he knows it) But I just don't see him as being dedicated to his team as Stoner. For me Rossi, just seems to be riding for..um Rossi. I reckon given the $$opportunity$$ Rossi will flip camps again.

    I see Stoner as being the next Doohan, a skillful, seroius & determined racer. That's all business. thats probably why he's not as interesting.

    But It will be interesting to see what difference the new M1 head work & tyre changes have on the rest of the season. I can't till the new Ducati comes out to play!!

    Personally, I think Stoner has it in the bag, and Rossi will have to settle for no2 this year.
  17. I don't get that quote. Rossi jumping ship for $$$$? He left Honda as Honda basically said 'We're the reason you win, we can put a monkey (or VTRElMarco) on this bike and win'. Rossi went 'stuff you, you little japanese man, I am Rossi, I am legend, I can win on anything'.

    And the rest is history. He has won World Championships in every class he competed in. Casey, awesome rider that he is, has won lots this year and previously had a reputation for hissy fits and crashing. Not always in that order. At the end of last year, according to the Ducati boss, the only people who wanted him were LCR. Hence they acquired him for a bargain basement price (low retainer, high bonus + shares in a panel beaters in the expectation of crashes).

    Rossi's motivation is the challenge. He will be more motivated, more committed and more determined than anyone out there now that there is a rival worthy of his effort. He certainly does not need the money and although on a sizeable package (car, bonus, super) it isn't like he's paying off a house and needs the cash. Rossi can and will ride around problems. The Michelins have not benefited from the new tyre rule but they will bounce back and bring the fight to Bridgestone.

    As for the spectacle, Dorna and the teams know that close racing is what brings audiences. This is entertainment after all, albeit expensive entertainment. Bike racing will always be a niche market and never have the mass appeal to sponsors the way that F1 does (multi billion dollars per year for the teams).

    Anyway, I think Stoner is great, but he does seem to lack a bit of personality, but that's just the way he is. But his wife is cute.
  18. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    That damn monkey was only 7 seconds a lap faster. He also had a MUCH better power to wieght ratio and got the factory parts before me.
  19. I heard it was their refusal to paint the bike dayglo yellow that was the clincher. Plus the 1st class seats for Buckley.
  20. Yep. I vote that Stoner should appoint Adrianna (his wife) as his spokesperson.