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MotoGP - US GP at Laguna Seca

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by VtrElmarco, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Plummeting 6 stories over several hundred metres, “The Corkscrew†at Laguna Seca is one of motorcyclings more challenging sections of tarmac. In fact, the entire Laguna track rewards local knowledge as the fast, off-camber corners along with the severe elevation changes and sometimes dodgy run-off areas make the whole track a great challenge and a particular favourite among the American riders.

    So with these thoughts on Laguna, we can only guess that money was the decisive factor in moving next years US GP to the over hyped, somewhat dangerous and sterile Indianapolis Speedway. Even most of the US riders dislike the place, and I am sure something interesting will be made in the dead flat infield section…not. About the only saving grace could be some high speed sections that could use sections of the banking, but the more safety spoilt Europeans may not like this idea too much.

    So this leaves maybe the last time the US GP heads to Monterey, with Honda and Michelin finding renewed form at the Sachsenring. Dani Pedrosa got his first win in a year, but I feel he could have been easily challenged by Rossi and Hayden provided the first didn’t crash and the second qualified better. This will leave Hayden the out and out favourite to claim his third US GP in a row. He knows every bump, ripple and curb at Laguna, and seems to get extra pumped for the event.

    Rossi is yet to dominate here and has even been shown around at Laguna by his lesser teammate Colin Edwards. His crash in Germany was very uncharacteristic, and maybe it’s the pressure he is under by the likable and unassuming Casey Stoner. Anyway, it was a bone headed move and the damage was only limited by every Bridgestone tire in the fleet (Except Loris Capirossi) turning into bubble gum with 10 laps to go.

    This will leave the Ducati, Suzuki and Kawasaki camps praying for cooler temperatures at the usually hot Laguna Seca. The track has been resurfaced after chunks of it were breaking up during the MotoGP race last year, so grips levels could be a massive gamble. It was damage minimisation for Casey Stoner, but he cannot afford to have many more of these races and Rossi does not lay down in the middle of race tracks too often.

    So just a short sweet one as I try to get back in the swing of things again. Set FIRE to your cheap Korean Stratocasters and kick back and bask in the warmth as MotoGP farewells one of the best racetracks in the world.
  2. There will actually be two, count em two, USGP events next year according to Soup's website, the MotoGP monsters will remain at the sweltering Laguna seca Circuit and then have a revist to LaLa land in september for the Red Bull Indianapolis Gp.

    So after recovering from the July heat of Montery and the dehydration of a weekend in the sun being forced to drink your own urine to survive we get another taste of american madness.

    Thankfully though a revised and backwards course plan will keep the riders from piling into the walls ala Ralf Schumacher and suffering massive spinal injuries.

    This weekend and twice next year....... Oh say can you see..........
  3. Bro, how are ya. I was upstanding with hand on chest for that last sentence. Not.

    I didn't realise they were going to have two US GP's. I did see the reverse layout on Soup though, and yes they will be adding the chicane in on the banking, but that still leaves a very uninspiring, flat layout. I can think of ohhh 20 other tracks around the worlds better to race motorcycles on than Indy.

    Apparantley the banking can also cause the tires to overheat due to the extra G's pulled through a turn.

    As for Laguna, Stoner and Melandri have been the men to beat so far, and the circuit record is set to be SMASHED come qualifying this morning. Everyone is still bitching about the surface as per usual...
  4. What a waste..Indy pffft. :roll:
  5. +1

    Its a boring car track let alone for bikes :? :mad: :roll:

    Good old US of A eh?!?!?!

  6. Stoner grabbed pole, Pedrosa second, Vermeulen third.
  7. And Ant West is the fastest Kwaka :applause: :grin:
  8. which isnt saying much with a frenchman and a hayden brother on the other two kawa's! hahaha :p :LOL:

    go westy i wanna see him continue to show up the rank frenchman and keep his ride next year!
  9. He won't be racing for Kwaka next year, De Puniet will have a new team mate (Capirossi anyone?).

    Hopefully Westy will get a motogp ride, he's had some good exposure in the last few races.

    Here's hoping for a top 8 finish Westy!
  10. I wouldn't be sure that DePuniet will stay either, particularly if he gets his a## handed to him by Ant in a few of the remaining races.
  11. What a wussy decision to choose Indy, though. Get them down to Daytona and let's see 200mph on the banking!!!
  12. You lot are arguing about some horrible coloured Kawasaki's running midfield, and two other Australian's have qualified on the front row?

    Crazieness, but if you have been drinking like I then that is okay...

    Stoner has been fastest in every session this weekend, but look to Nicky Hayden to storm on through for the win. Chris Vermulen (MOOOLLLEEEE!!) has also won here in WSBK, and if the bike and tires hold together is my dark horse.

    And everyone, welcome my brother Glen to the forum. He may be suffering from some dive related brain injury, so don't trust anything he says...
  13. Moley moley moley!!!!! :LOL:
  14. Nitrogen is my friend........

    The Bubbles keep me company.

    Stoner fastest in every session so far and with what i could piece together from qualifying highlights he was fastest through the whole session. The yanks are not stamping the authority they showed last year as of yet. So lets hope the bridgstone's don't turn to licorice too early and that red is fastest on the day.
  15. Pardon my screwed up memory, but wasn't Casey fastest at every session at Germany? Only to finish 5th?