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MotoGp this Sunday 23rd Sept

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Ree, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. FYI. Channel Ten has kindly changed its Rugby World Cup schedule so we can ensure Casey and the Japan race gets the coverage it deserves.

    Sunday 23 Sept.
    3:30pm - 5:00pm
    Round 15 from Japan

    The change won't make all the TV guides and many MotoGP fans will be expecting the program to air at a later time so we are endeavouring to spread message. Please feel free to forward the attachment to anyone and everyone you feel may be interested including relevant websites.

    The race will also be replayed at 3:00am Sunday night (Monday morning).

    Kind Regards,


    Network Ten Pty Ltd ABN 91 052 515 250

    No excuses for missing this one people without PayTv.

  2. hm that's hot
  3. Cool, thanks :grin:
  4. Saweet! thanks for the heads up :)

    Now just have to make sure i watch it :cool:
  5. Not for sydneysiders. Its only on 3am mon. according to the guide.
  6. umm, check the OP. says that the change wont make all the guides. so i'm guessing seeing as the guides are made up nearly a week in advance that almost none of them will have the change.
  7. I've confirmed this on the TEN website, to check your local region times go to TEN dot com dot au

    Thanks for the heads up! :grin:
  8. Was just going from the one online, not the paper one.
    Should be a good race though. If stoner finishes ahead of rossi the title should be wrapped up.
  9. another one to watch on Sunday 23rd
    Casey Stoner is being interviewed by 60 Minutes.

  10. Just what we need, a boring bastard for our next world champion. :(

    I wish Steve Irwin rode GP, he's more the sort of representative I want on the world stage!
  11. Crikey valentine almost had me All Rounded But I kept my Head about me and used the terrain to mask my moves. The Bam I had him in the bag.
    Oh his a willie one that Valentino
  12. "My front end was like WHOOOAAAAAA slidin' ALL OVER the place. But I thought I'll get you, ya cheeky bugga."

    Tell me that wouldn't get 'em into the press conferences!

  13. Did you read the bit I posted about Vale at last weekends conference? He was saying that winning after such a long time was just like having sex after a long absence...the feeling you know is the same...!
  14. Oh man, I couldn't even watch the whole thing!
  15. I saw that on MotoGP.com. Very funny.