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MotoGP Test @ Phillip Island

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Admiral Thrawn, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. I've got 15 mins of his-res testing footage from 30 January, including footage inside the garages, interviews, etc.

    Comes in at 138MB. Anyone want to host it? :)

  2. At 138MB, I might just be able to squeeze it onto my site.

    Alternately, send it to me, and I'll recode into Quicktime 7, down to 100MB in size. It'll still look the same and I'll definitely be able to host it then.
  3. No worries. PM me where to send it.
  4. Waiting now for the footage.....

    I've got a subby for the MotoGP website, but me thinks this just might be way better!
  5. Don't know how to send the file...

    My email account won't accept an attachment that size...
  6. If you have MSN it can be transferred that way, or ftp'd to a hosting site somewhere else.
  7. Cruisingal and I rode past the track today - think we saw the ever loverly Nicky Hayden zooming around. :grin:

    Admiral Thrawn - how'd you get this footage? :)
  8. What do you mean MSN? MSN Messenger?! :shock:

    Would take several days, and most certainly fail along the way.
  9. I can host it. You can ftp it direct if needed. PM me if you can't get it up by other means.

  10. Testing

    I was there on Tuesday 30th driving the Bob Martin Eng ute doing recovery. Got a few good photos. Damn they sound good, a bit loud when they fire up & you're standing next to them. :cool:
  11. Re: Testing

    Did you need to recover any bikes? :p

    BTW, the file is uploading now and should be available tonight.
  12. Recovery

    Had to retreive Marco Melandri from turn 3 as the bike had stopped for some reason & Loris Capirossi stopped @ turn 4 and was pushing it back in. Very quiet on the recovery front, but that's theway I like it.
  13. Re: Recovery

    Have a chat with the riders?
  14.  Top
  15. Great!

    Downloaded at about 180-200KB/s on an 8mb ADSL line.

    Admiral, how did you get such excellent footage?

    Just watched it, fantastic.

    Love Hayden's new leathers 'Numbers Don't L1e'. Ha, like what, you're 3 career wins against Rossi's 58?! Obviously, humble isn't in his vocab!
  16. Re: Testing

    How do they sound compared to the 990s? In particular, what are the Hondas like now they are running 4 cyls?

    Do the Dukes still sound the best? Hmm, that's probably a hard question, as it can be a bit subjective.
  17. That's about what I'm seeing on a 15 mbit connection (ADSL2+). Looks like the "bottleneck" is at the server end, or somewhere in between.

    Is this file dvix/xvid AVI? If not, I'll convert it. Want to take it to work tonight to show the lads (nearly all of our crew ride). We just had some huge HD LCD screens installed, and a divx enabled DVD recorder unit just happens to be connected to one of them - for training purposes, you see.

    I just played it via Media Player 11. Its aspect ratio is squashed. The opening shot of Stoner (presumably) makes him look like he's about 3' wide and that his bike's rear tyre would not be out of place on a drag car.

    What can I do to fix this?

  18. The AR is 1.25:1 but I don't see that problem you describe at all.

    And a server dishing out at 180KB/s isn't that bad. Anyway, it's a great vid and obviously sourced for the MotoGP website. Just how ;)
  19. Just watched it on a Panasonic DVD player that does divx. Worked fine once I adjusted the widescreen's aspect ratio. It appears to be standard 4:3 footage. Also looks like an official MotoGP media product, including the quotes from the riders which were reported in Friday's newspapers.

    I hope that they sound better in person than what I was listening to. They sounded awfully 500cc-ish on the TV...

    Anyway, thanks for the video.
  20. Thanks for the footage, Admiral!. :grin: