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VIC MotoGP surprise for husband

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by annieVFR750, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. Hi
    I am flying down from BNE and heading down to the Moto Gp in October at Philip Island 2014 - extremely excited. Its actually a surprise for my husband so I have bought tickets / hired a bike in Melbourne / and are now praying it does not rain. Does anybody have any tips for me?

    Also the island is almost full so I had to hire an entire hous so have actually have two bedrooms empty so thought I may be able to help somebody out for $100pp night & maybe I could upgrade my GP tickets! It was meant to be a little weekend away & now its costing more than our honeymoon did!!
    Any tips idea comments would be great.

    We are there for Sat night & Sun night - just Sunday at the track.
    I only bought General Admission tickets so any tips where to watch the race? Also I like the idea of the garage upgrade but it looks like that is only for a three day pass - Im confsed!!

    I am not a motorcyclist although I love being a passenger so are really not sure about any of this. I have hired us a Honda VFR as I like the sound of the exhaust - very distinctive

  2. Hi Annie,

    I am sure you will get some other takers for accommodation, it is generally pretty tight on the island MotoGP week. I like Lukey Heights, there is enough of a slope so you can look out over the track. It is a bit of a walk from the entry point where the bike park is though. Traffic on teh island is forced to be anticlockwise I think so if you miss your turnoff you need to do a full lap of the island again so check your maps to be sure where your accommodation is.

    I like VFR's too ;)

  3. Yes, the sound of a VFR with staintunes. Now that is music!
  4. Where is the place you hired? some times it can get quite busy.. either leave early or be cool with traffic.

    Depends on what you want to look at on the track.. good points all over it.
  5. Leave that looser and pls come and marry me ;-)
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  6. There is a shuttle bus that does laps around the circuit so you can move from 1 viewing area to the next, but reading the website (http://www.motogp.com.au/transport) its only available to patrons with the more exclusive tickets like vip and grandstand.... although all that said its less than a 5km walk all the way round....

    Should have gone to the WSBK in February instead.....take your bike into the grounds and ride around the circuit to get yourself from 1 viewing area to the next...without a helmet if that's what floats your boat..and the weather is usually better
  7. You'll have a blast!! Yes it's busy, and plan your travel. GA is fine, you can walk around the track, I like lukey heights and 10-11. The down hill under breaking is spectacular when they overtake. You can see about halfway down the straight too through there.
    See you in October
  8. @mike8863@mike8863 there are still buses that do loops around the island to the track for any one to use.
  9. Thanks for everybody's feedback. Its going to be wicked!
  10. if you want wicked i could arrange a big surprise for your husband
  11. Just get him a hooker. It's cheaper and easier.
  12. Ibast, But UG likes to give that personal touch.
  13. Hi I have rented a place near the pub in Crowes & have two spare rooms $100 per night. I had to book the whole house as nothing else was left. Im flying down from Brisbane with my husband. PM me if you are keen & Ill tell you more - cant wait!!!! We are normal Im a Nurse & Jonny works for a car dealer. It was a surprise for his birthday so hes excited but the house was expensive so we don't need a three bedroom place but there was not much left!
  14. If I was heading down this year I would snap that up in a second!

    I'm sure a netrider or two will be taking up that offer in no time at all...
  15. As far as watching the race, if u can get a spot around Siberia, turn 6, is a pretty good place for general admission as u can see a fair bit of the track, but it does get pretty packed so get in there early and mark ur territory
  16. How was the weekend and the surprise Annie? Was it the first MotoGP for both of you? I hope Phillip Island was hospitable for you. The racing (and crashes) were certainly great!