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[Motogp] Stoner to leave Ducati at end of 2010

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. And so the cards start to fall into place.....

    Dovi and Pedbot seem to take turns on doing well on the Honda, so not too bad for Stoner to join them

    Stoner's time at Ducati has kept the bike competitive for all bar this season with a 1st, 2nd and 4th (including him being crook) last year

    So be interesting to see Rossi on the Duc - his third marque in MotoGP....
  2. he wants to break Ago's record while on an Italian bike

    let's see how he handles Italian team politics :LOL:
  3. hope he fails at Honda :D
  4. He won't.
  5. The latest rumour going around is that Honda will try and retain both Dovi and Pedrosa, with Stoner and Dovi to ride Red Bull livered bikes while Pedrosa will seemingly retain the traditional Repsol livery.

    With Rossi tipped to transfer to Ducati with Jeremy Burgess and his current pit crew, the tip is that Ben Spies will replace him on the factory Yamaha.

    And so the merry-go-round begins!!!
  6. He will.

    Unless the rumours are true about JB heading there too.
  7. Stoner -> Honda
    Rossi -> Ducati
    Spiesus Christ -> Factory Yamaha
    Lorenzo stays put
    Pedrosa begrudgingly sticks with Honda
    Hayden ??

    Rossi's going to want to do the three-bike championship, Lorenzo's going to be damned if he lets it happen, and Spiesus will be wanting to prove that being impressive on a satellite bike wasn't a fluke and he'll be godly on a factory bike.

    I think 2011 is going to be damned exciting.
  8. Hayden will stay put. And Edwards will retire.
  9. That's hardly the "latest" rumour...it's been around for weeks.
  10. Agree with what's been speculated above. I wonder what that will mean as far as who is going to step up? I would be thinking that Capirex will retire to testing duties at the end of this year as well.
  11. Are Suzuki even going to bother next year? They'll never get a big name, big talent rider willing to trundle around mid-pack on a slow bike, so they get stuck with rookies who don't have the exeprience to help them develop a bike... They should go one bike, and match whatever Mladin is being offered to come back to the AMA just to get the ball rolling again. :LOL:

    No wait, he'd be a "rookie" so not allowed to ride for a factory team :rofl:
    (Don't know how Bautista snuck around that though...)

    None of this year's rookies other than Spies is really shining...

    Elias? Biaggi? (Doubt it)
  12. For a bizzare reason that I read once and can't remember now what it said, Suzuki are exempt from the "rookie" rule.

    As for Spies "shining", for a start, he's riding the best bike in the paddock, I'd be worried if he couldn't and secondly, he qualifies well, but fades in the race and catches a few people at the end. Not convinced yet.
  13. Hmmmph.

    Now we get to see all the Ducati-Darlies peeling 27's off their shiny trophys and applying 46's.

  14. lol like how the Repsol fans would've felt when Hayden left Honda.

    At least I can finally get a 27 on my Honda :p and maybe buy that Stoner Replica helmet
  15. No Suzuki satellite team for noobs to come through on so they're exempt.

    It's clear that Stoner's been unhappy with Ducati for a couple of seasons now, this has to be a good thing for him. It looks good now as the Honda appears to be at the pointy end, I'm looking forward to it.

    The curiosity is if Burgess doesn't go with Rossi but stays and crews for Spies? Anyone care to guess if this could happen?
  16. No way. JB will go to Ducati with Rossi. 100% guaranteed.
  17. Yeah, that's what I thought. Methinks the winning will be where he goes, and I can't imagine him leaving Rossi.
  18. 2011 will be a very interesting season, and I'm looking foward to it!
  19. From what they've said in interviews, Spies and Edwards are riding bikes that haven't had any major changes since the beginning of the 2009 season, and zero new parts since the beginning of this season. I'd expect that the factory bike will make a substantial difference for him.

    For his in-race performance, he's said that it's an issue with grip, and that (I'm paraphrasing here) essentially once everyone else's tires are worn to the point where they've all got similar grip to him, that's when he gets to start passing people.

    As to the veracity of either of those concepts, I'm not qualified to say, but I think once things get sorted he'll be a force.